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    Ideas on Advertising on the Internet

    GreatNews Newbie

      Here are some things that has worked for us.

      Myspace - to attract the younger viewers. This worked for us when we wanted to invite local musicians to post their music on our web site.

      Focus groups - This helped us in getting the word out about
      This is the part of our business that donates all its proceeds for community projects. We do this by partnering with reputable online stores like,, etc etc.

      One thing that did not work was Google Ad Sense. The ROI was terrible.

      Please share your stories and suggestions
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          topclass Newbie
          Hi there,

          Yes i agree 100% about adwords. As a marketing consultant and web designer i have seen who it can and cannot work for. Certain industries have better luck than others, if it didnt i dont think they would still be around. For my company, we do printing, promotional items, apparel, banners etc. it really didnt give us much results. What i advise all my clients to do is SEO, help your site build natural visits over time by building your website ranking and adding keywords to your website. The key with SEO is to not be to broad in the keywords unless you are prepared to spend money to help beat the competition. For example: consider "full color printing in miami" rather than just "printing." There is much less competition for that keyword.

          Printing, Promotional Items, Web Design and Apparel.
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              GreatNews Newbie

              I agree 100%

              I have read a lot of articles on Google. My personal opinion is that if we are truly honest and focus on the best content for our end users, word of mouth is the best way to establish our selves

     Management Team
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                  Spynergy Newbie
                  Of course "word of mouth" is the best.....and in the final analysis, the quality of your product will determine how much word of mouth you get. But that does not at all mean that you don't have to promote and advertise in order to get customers ---- who will then help you with word of mouth! Try to think of the value of one loyal customer that you get from an ad or a promotion somewhere. That customer tells friends who tell friends etc. But they came to you from an ad. Companies that rely solely on word of mouth are incredibly rare, and if you wait for that alone to build your customer base, you are risking your business. Better is to find the most efficient way to get new customers ---- whether it is Google, traditional ads, direct mail or other means.
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                      Iwrite Pioneer
                      Great response!!! I agree!

                      For those who have read my responses before this is nothing new.

                      Finding the perfect mix of media (print, direct mail, broadcast, interactive, outdoor, promotions, etc.) to use to reach customers where they are is the best way to approach marketing your business.

                      If your customers are driving to and from work, how does website or SEO reach them?
                      If customers are surfing the web how does radio reach them?

                      They don't.

                      By creating a marketing mix, you have more opportunity to reach customers because your is where they are. The more interactions with customers, the more likely you are to encourage trial. And no, it does not have to be overly expensive, it just has to be smart and insightful.

                      I know this goes beyond the Internet but your customers do not live on the Internet.
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                  affiliatesun Wayfarer
                  Whats the best way to advertise on myspace? Creating a business profile? Myspace forums? Myspace advertising?

                  I have created a profile for one of my businesses and am looking to get more hits through myspace.