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    It just seems to me

    Soundgirl50 Wayfarer
      Perhaps there are so many of us in need of help in our businesses today but it seems to me that we are here pouring ourselves out there to potential investors or angels. As we are sitting here hoping for the type of help we need the offers are a bit vague and frankly not useful.
      Even though I am in need of cash infusion at this point I would mostly appreciate some sage old advise because I not sure there is anyone here so far that is going to get me where I need to go.
      So... unless your really serious about helping me find a viable cash solution don't fill my inbox with stuff. If you have some great adivce I would prefer that instead.

      Thank you all,
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          DMIGUY Adventurer
          At least you are a realist. I have watched this community for months, and if I'm not mistaken, there are no "angels" here. There are some credible investors, but they are looking for credible investments. . Unfortunately, you'll just have to sift through the credit card merchants, the MLM's, and I'm sorry to say, your share of spam and scam. You can't spell out whom you'd rather not hear from, it just doesn't work that way. But you can decide whom to respond to.


          You'll have to be more forthright about what you have so a real investor might be able to evaluate it. A plea is hardly a proficient game plan.

          If I might suggest, LinkedIn has some Angel Investor type "Groups" where you can actually place an ad of sorts and perhaps there you'll find your angel.
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              Soundgirl50 Wayfarer
              Thank you for that advice I find it extremely refreshing. I will think about all you have said.Although I am someone who has not ever had to look to others for financial help... I am sure there is an appropriate process I must figure out. Thank you for the tips.

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              caffeinated Scout

              Hi Soundgirl50, I agree with you. As we face a tougher economy, I assume we'll see more and more posts where members will be asking for funding, and more and more members responding with loan type spam. I hope to see, as you say, more "sage old advice" than anything else. This is a forum after all.


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                affiliatesun Wayfarer

                I work for a Visa/Mastercard Cash Advance called Advanced Merchant Capital that can get you INTEREST FREE cash.

                If your interested, shoot me an e-mail at

                I will give you all the details about this great service.
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                  intechspecial Ranger

                  You are in the same boat every other small business start up company is in. To make matters worse, the economy is not helping those of us who are on this path.

                  I will tell you that hard work and persistance will most certainly pay off in the long run.

                  Just remember that every failure should only drive you towards a bigger victory, and that although persistance seems futile, futility has been known to carve diamonds in the rough!


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                    ESLTEACHER Newbie
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                    You are correct in your observation. I too am trying to start a business; unfortunately, it
                    appears that only those who wish to separate us from our money respond to our
                    pleas for help. I was looking to this forum for sound advice and yes possibly
                    an investor, yet sharks seem to patrol in great numbers here. I do not wish to
                    leave this forum because I believe there are those with sound advice,
                    experience, and support for us. All I can say is good luck. I wish I could
                    offer more. You may not be a religious person, but one could only hope that
                    these sharks will get it in the end. What ever end that might be.
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                      PerpetualFund Newbie



                      Just like everything else there is a process that you must go through to save yourself time, energy, and funding which many have this problem when starting a business.


                      It is best to educate yourself for the types there are. One thing is for certain the network marketing industry makes more millionaires than any 4 other industries including real estate. There is more we need to know, are you well connected, (know many successful or business people) do you have a budget to work with every month?

                      Even I have to be educated about you so I know where or what to start. I am entirely new to this online social stuff so I will send you my number and time to call me for Wednesday through the late day.

                      I will put Lenny in the subject line.
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                        FinancialTree Newbie
                        Why not build separate business credit? You must have an EIN, in good standing of course, and within 3-4 months you can have A+ business credit. You then apply with banks and lenders who give loans without any personal guarantees or collateral based on your EIN and your A+ credit!
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                          BumbleBee Wayfarer
                          Not everyone is a scammer here, but I do agree this forum is full of useless self promotion and spam. Everyone is looking out for #1 and any way they can exploit anyone else.

                          I know as a successful business owner, when you have money, every Tom Dick and Harry is trying to get it with one offer after another. I doubt anyone with any serious capital is going to say they have it in a forum.

                          Plus, no serious investor is going to offer money based on some of the posts I have read.

                          If you need a small amount of capital, you should put together a business plan and advertise locally in a newspaper for a financial partner. Offer up a clear and defined plan for any respondents and you should find someone with common interests and deep pockets.

                          The money is out there, but those that have it are not going to advertise that they do.

                          I am looking for web startups to assist with the web end of the business in exchange for a percentage of the business. With credit so tight, those types of deals may be the only way to expand in this market. You might consider partnering with an existing business and offering what resources you have as a buy in.
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                            DMIGUY Adventurer

                            If you are interested in a ground floor opportunity, that costs nothing to get into, email me at