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    Need 100K for taking over Yogurt Business

    uninjoy Newbie


      What a surprise I found this forum tonight. I am new as this type of community, however I guess I can get something better than ever. In fact, I was looking for loan specialists over the weekend.

      I am currently working at restaurant corporate office as VP of Franchising, and from other country 2 year ago. But I know well for the foodservice business with 18 years experience.

      A couple of weeks ago, I have had a chance to take over one of small Yogurt preparing Store where stopped temporarily during my daily work. This is really instant chance to me as I planned to make franchise business in near future.

      I was a professional in the fields of restaurant or franchise business before I came into the U.S.
      Furthermore, I was helping 90% to create one of top Yogurt brands in Calif. They opened 31st store already during last 2 years thanks to me, and I know everything about that. I mean I can do create by myself, not meant to bring their know-how. Yogurt know how is easy to me.

      HOWEVER, I need 100K for taking over. I never thought I have my own business now. I have good credit, but no history yet cause of only 2 years in this country. I am permanent resident.

      Does anybody can help me to take over this business ? It's no time to hold it. Let me know your terms and condition if you can lend 100K ? Soon after Took it over, I will apply to franchise business. It will take over the year. I can also open one by one by my second plan until franchise licensed. We can work together or something to do by your request.

      Please e-mail me regarding this and for more detailed plan. My e-mail is ;


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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Need 100K for taking over Yogurt Business, Welcome Chris

          Tell me more, Where are you and this Yogurt business located??

          Have you developed a Business and Marketing Plan that I can read. The Business Plan is one of the first items that my team and I look at before we invest money.

          Are you working NOW at restaurant corporate office?? Do you plan to keep working there??
          Or will you be running this new Yogurt business??

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              uninjoy Newbie

              Thank you for your reply, Luckiest,


              I am in LA County and this business will be started in Ventura County. It's almost to come up deadline to take over. I have developed 30 restaurants since 1992 in my home country, and I developed one frozen yogurt shop in the U.S. which is still run by company. We instruct to franchise business numbers of our restaurants and run one yogurt store which is one of 31 stores.

              However, as I mentioned I contributed 90 % to the concept developing. I brought person in charge and instructed many information. That was based on my previous experience which is recognized everybody who I know. But in order to keep my status, I don't want to touch anything so far.

              I have my own trade mark and business /marketing plan, and franchise plan already. I am used to make it. Only I was thinking about waiting for the time being. But the good chance was popped up even if no money preparation.

              I am working now, but I am thinking to be out of there if I can take this.

              Where is your location ? Please give e-mail to me ;

              Thanks. Chris
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              uninjoy Newbie
              Why I need $100,000 is for deposit in my account to show Mall as financial statement immediately during this week. I mean deposit is for taking over that business. I have strong co-signer for that lease, so I need only to show my financial, and then I might be saved the time to prepare extra money. If anyone can help me as financial for the first store, we work together as franchise business for yogurt from second store.

              I am gonna set up my own company on the purpose of franchise. It takes a time to register, however we can open one by one by own store.