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    Introducing B. Scott Technology Group's IT Seminars

    bscottech Adventurer
      The B. Scott Technology Group is proud to introduce: Technology Seminars for Small Business.

      Our technology seminars allow us to provide small business owners information on IT practices that will keep your business up and running for the long term with low over head costs. Small business owners need as much information as they can get and also need to consider a budget. This is why we developed this resource.

      There is a program for every class of user:

      Novice: Entry level instruction on basic IT options for people that are not technically inclined. It is easy to understand and bountiful with information

      Tech Savvy: Intermediate instruction for people that know their way around a system but would like to sharpen their skills. Learn how to perform normally daungting tasks to without any anxiety.

      Advanced: Even the most technically inclined person needs a tune up on their skills. Learn how to make life simpiler and mix it up with other technically inclined professionals. Our current attendees love the open forum section of the program

      Take a glance at our current topics:

      System Administraton (Novice, Tech Savvy and Advanced)
      Data Organization (Novice, Tech Savvy and Advanced)
      Workflow Management (Novice, Tech Savvy and Advanced)
      Security (Novice, Tech Savvy, Advanced)
      Preventative Maintenences (Novice, Tech Savvy, Advanced)
      and more.

      Also, we are giving you the option to add to your seminar experience by adding a topic that you would like to discuss with our cetified agents. Ask a question about a current issue at your organization and mix it up with other small business owners see how your fellow colleagues have their organization setup.



      For more information about the B. Scott Technology Group's Tech Seminars including pricing, venue, certification and your potenital topic for discussion send an email to or also call us at 877.554.BSTG