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    Child Care Center Needs Your Help

    OneOfAKind Newbie
      I am looking for investors to help finance the start-up of a child care center for developmentally disabled children. Each year, I plan on using the profits from the existing center to open a new center in another city.

      First off, my background is in accounting, not child care. But the best person to care for my children with special needs is someone who understands and is trained. As a working mother of two, I have to be out of the house to make money to pay the bills.


      With my oldest son diagnosed with partial ADHD and partial Autism, it has made it very difficult to find a child care center with a staff trained to not only care for him, but also to help him learn. I have tried for years to place him in daycares, Montessori's, and the like, but it would never work out. I have even tried hiring a nanny. As an accountant, I haven't been, in any way, wealthy. Thus, I could not afford to pay someone with actual background, training, and education to care for special needs children. Each and every person I interviewed, no matter what their background, would always assure me they could "handle" my sons. No matter what rules and schedules I would set in place, things would get too difficult for the nanny, and I would lose them within a month or two.


      Recently, my youngest son was diagnosed with asthma. And while I have rules and schedules to keep him healthy, I was continuously being called home, as he would be sick from not receiving his medications, being put on his back to sleep, etc.


      And how am I to know someone is caring for my children in the ways needed to keep him safe and healthy? I know I am not the only parent who has gone through this. And I want to change it. I want to offer other parents the sigh of relief knowing they can trust their child care providers as much as they trust themselves. I want parents to feel the can go to work and not worry constantly about their children.


      My children are not the only children that go from daycare to daycare, or nanny to nanny.


      If the current child care centers will not hire the right people for the job, then I will.

      Please, help me help these children. These kids are our future.