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    Need 300k of working capital

    thegrizzlybar Newbie
      My partner and I have located a piece of property that is the 10 yards away from a growing liberal arts college (1600 students). The property is closest piece of commercial property to the school. Not only does this school not have a bar and grill within walking distance, but the median age of the town is 34. Additionally, with our plans, the building will have 3 rental apartments. Our estimates indicate that the total costs to open the doors will be near to 3 million dollars. The investments will be paid back within 3 - 5 years with interest.
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          Fortis Adventurer
          Hello thegrizzlybar,

          Hope all is well. Sounds like its a great location. Can you tell us a bit more detail about the business? Do yo have a business plan? Have you considered an SBA?
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              thegrizzlybar Newbie
              The building itself is 13000 square feet. It is currently a pizza restraunt, so the purchase will include all the kitchen equipment. Additionally, there is the possibility that the college might lease from us a house that adjacent to the restraunt that will be part of the purchase. We plan on a complete renovation. The main street planning committee has committed $25,000's for exterior improvements. We need to obtain a liquor license and entertainment permit. There are liquor licenses available, we are in the process of purchasing one. The basement will be a game dance area, the first floor will be the bar and restraunt that will open up to the second floor loft. There are 3 apartments located on the 4th floor of the property, which we plan to rent. The bar will be a hip a trendy place, serving breakfast, lunch and light dinner. Like I said in the inital post, this bar will dominate this college party scene. There are no bars in the area unless you want to drive. With this fact we will attract the locals interested in hanging out with college kids as well. We are not intending this bar and grill to be a "dive", we hope that with our atmosphere local families will want to come for breakfast, lunch and dinner. My partner and I are now emersing ourselves in every piece of literature we can get our hands on related to running a bar and restraunt. We are putting the finishing touches up on the business plan this weekend. We have considered a SBA loan, and it will most likely be our largest source of funding. We though that it might be easier to obtain an SBA loan if we have investors and working capital.
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              alfajergroup Newbie
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                The best way to raise money is to find a company that can connect you with the right people. Try to google "strong business credit" and see what you come up with.
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                  Intelicapital Adventurer

                  We have experience in this specific sector. We are currently working with the owner of a Restaurant / Bistro / Nightclub facility. Please contact me at . We would need to discuss this in a little detail to determine if our method of financing is appropriate for your situation.