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    Business Leads for free?

    WeCanDo.BIZ Newbie
      Well, they are on our site! Our members put them there....

      We have also teamed with BRX to present their members with a sales lead
      feature. A page on their website shows the 28 most recent Biz Needs
      from our site, which are sales leads or partnership opportunities for
      other businesses. If the Biz Need is not something that a specific
      member can help with directly, there is a chance that some of the other
      business professionals they meet at their regular meetings MAY be able
      to provide a solution for the needs detailed -- so, it gets passed on
      as a referral.

      You can take a look at their Sales Leads feed here.
      A custom filtered feed of leads, so you get only those relevant to you
      if you wish, is available to anyone who registers for free on the WeCanDo.BIZ site. As is the ability to broadcast your own Biz Need, of course.

      We believe this will relieve some of the pressure to rustle up
      "referrals" when you find you have a meeting due and nothing to pass on!

      Please get in touch with me if you would like to do something similar - alternately, just go sign up with us at - it is free!

      Chris Butler