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    I have a new company that makes Solar powered Street lights

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      We are a company that make Solar powered street lights that run
      completely on Solar energy. They are equivalent to Traditional Street
      Lights that you see on the street, Parking lots, etc.

      The advantage of going with Solar powered Lights as opposed to
      Traditional ones as you can imagine are plenty. Apart from
      Environmental benefits, some of the Fiscal Benefits are:

      • Cheaper to Buy and Install than Traditional Lights
      • Runs absolutely on on Solar Energy so no electrical input required.
      So basically, one would buy a product that's cheaper than its traditional counterpart and would run it without any cost.

      What we are looking for is motivated Sales people, who can just outline
      these above mentioned two basic things to people who may be in the
      market for Street lights. These Sales people would be working
      completely on commissions, BUT will make anywhere upto $500.00 per
      light pole sold. Its obvious that most people who will buy these things
      will buy more than one, so there's money to be made.

      So if you guys know anyone, who is in construction looking to build a
      commercial or a residential facility, or someone just looking for a
      job, or you yourself are looking to make some cash, by just approaching
      these people, please email me at for more details.

      Please visit our website at