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    Why Sales Incentives Work

    iventures Adventurer

      Executive business gifts, such as those found at corporate gift & incentive program, are often proven to show and increase in sales and company moral. For only a minor amount of money, they provide major results. However, most companies are not taking advantage of the sales incentive programs that have been proven to work, and some companies that do try to provide these kinds of programs fail miserable. Simply buying executive business gifts is not enough-you have to understand why sales incentives work in the first place.

      Employees want the reward. The most typical reasons that executive business gifts work as sales incentives is that employees really want the prize. Imagine if staying late on Fridays or working a couple Saturdays enough would boost your sales to earn a brand new car, courtesy of the company-you'd do it, right? Your prizes don't have to be as elaborate as a new car, but you do have to choose prizes that your employees actually want. Promotional baseball caps and T-shirts are great for exhibitions and conferences, but you don't have to sell your product to your employee. He or she will want the reward more if it's something useful, like a personal Gift Collection that says "thoughtful." Gift Collections include popular brand names like adidas®, Sony®, Ghirardelli®, Cuisinart®, and more. Impressive selections of home décor, gourmet foods, electronics, toys, jewelry, recreational gear, etc. Choose your gifts wisely so your employees will want them.
      Employees feel motivated. When there's something more up for stake, your employees will feel motivated to work harder for you. Note that this works even if your employee doesn't particularly want the gift. Even if you have a great gift, like a computer memory stick, perhaps a specific employee already has three memory sticks and doesn't need another one. This doesn't mean that he or she won't be motivated! Simply having incentives in the first place show your employees that you care, and promote healthy competition between sales representatives. When your employees like you, they'll be willing to work harder for you.

      Employees like the competition. Of course, if you're giving an executive business gift to the top seller, there will be a certain level of competition among your employees. No one likes to lose! Get everyone involved in the program from the start, and keep running lists of totals posted for everyone to check. When one employee is the clear winner, no matter what, sales incentive programs usually fail, so try to level the playing field as much as possible. You can offer one prize for the top seller, but also offer other pries for other people in the company, such as the employees with the highest customer satisfaction rating or the employee that sells the most products in a single day or to a single person.

      * Employees encourage on another. Just like no one likes to lose a competition, no one likes to feel like they've won before it's even started. There's no fun in that! You'll find that with a sales incentive program, employees will be encouraging one another to sell more and generally do better work for the company. This may come as friendly heckling or flat-out encouraging to get with the program. Beyond that, when employees work together in a program, they get to know one another and even form friendships. This creates a boost in company morale and a general sense of loyalty to the company, because, after all, it is where all of their friends work! Incentive programs with executive business gifts can truly take your company to the next level.

      We assist with promotions that can help increase outside sales, as well as motivate your internal staff. In addition, we can help build customer loyalty. To do this, we use a variety of merchandise & vacation packages (sample included), and...unlike other incentive companies, we require no minimums or up-front commitments.

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          assam123 Newbie
          Yes, sales incentives really works. This is mainly because the sales persons always think that they are the one who are giving profit to company. They have a ego that because of their hard work the company is running and the management people are enjoying luxury. Therefore, they always feel underpaid and they always expect a share of the profit, no matter, how small that it. That is a matter of pride for them to get rewards for their work. They measure their importance in the company by the number of gifts, rewards, incentives they got from the company. It's like bravery medal in army for them.
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            iventures Adventurer
            Money Isn't Everything

            If money were the only factor that determined employee satisfaction, running a successful business would be a lot easier. The fact of the matter is, compensation is only one part of motivating a workforce. Personality tests, such as the Myers-Briggs and Keirsey tests, can help tell you which factors are most important to your employees, but the bottom line is that everyone reacts positively to recognition and appreciation, and corporate incentive gifts are a perfect way to make that appreciation tangible.
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              DebbyBlitzLoc Adventurer
              Incentives and acknowledgments are so very important to keeping employees loyal and motivated! This is especially important today in our struggling economy. So many people are feeling over worked and under appreciated due to ever increasing work loads and unavoidable pay cuts. If we want our employees to go the extra mile and to actually care about helping our businesses make to through this economic crisis we need to get creative and show them how much they are appreciated!