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    Business Capital

    Agilest Newbie

      Hi Chris,

      I am seeking 100,000 or more for business expansion. I sent you an e-mail. Please contact me for the next steps.


      Agilest Collections
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          josh_B2B Wayfarer
          Hi Agilest; I looked at your website to get a better idea about your business (you have some absolutely beautiful furniture by the way) and had a few questions. Are you seeking additional funds to open a new location or is for an expansion of some of your existing lines? How long has Agilest Collections been operational? I'd need to know some other basic information (credit, assets/debt, etc) to help determine the best source of funding as well as to determine what is a viable option at this time. Feel free to give me a call or send me an email if you'd like to discuss things further.

          Josh Bernstone

          B2 Business Finance


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            Fortis Adventurer

            Hope all is well. Not sure who Chris is but do you want to explain a bit more about your business and the business needs? What are the details of the expansion? What kind of busines do you own?

            Email me if you prefer, all my direct contact info is in my profile as well. Thanks!