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    New or Different Names

    LUCKIEST Guide
      I am looking for different donation level categories for our next fund raiser
      We usually use



      It has become a little "old hat" -- so any suggestions, Thanks
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          New or Different Names

          NO suggestions??
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            Lighthouse24 Ranger
            What is the purpose of the organization (or for what cause is it raising funds)?
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                LUCKIEST Guide
                Members to join a "Public Library" like dues

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                    Lighthouse24 Ranger
                    How about paralleling them to a book? You could have Front Cover contributors, Title Page contributors, Chapter One contributors, Endnotes contributors . . .
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                        LUCKIEST Guide
                        Thanks Lighthouse. I knew I would get a GREAT answer.

                        How is your book coming and when is the release day??

                        Does the book have a "title"?? LUCKIEST
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                            intechspecial Ranger

                            You could always spice it up a little by adding some good fun.


                            How about this:


                            Have a theme where everyone dresses and talks like a pirate.


                            Have an auction style sale of entertainment coupons donated rom local businesses. (This could also be a way for local businesses to advertise).

                            Be sure to contact your local newspaper so they are aware of the event.

                            Finally, as far as names, How about:
                            Captain Jack Sparrow(Highest Contributer of Event)
                            Buckaneer(Mid Level Contributor)
                            Scurvy Parrot or Scurvy Dawg(Donates at Low Level)
                            Landlubber Davey Jones(Lowest Level Contributor)

                            Each Level as its benefits or downfalls. Captain Jack Sparrow, get's to run the show for a period of time, as well as get's to choose one to walk the plank. (Plank is dunking tank set up as a pirate ship plank. Ice cold water is optional, but not required)

                            Buckaneer will have some benefits as well.

                            Scurvy Parrot has to clean shoes, or empty trash, clean up after event, or something fun but embarassing.

                            Finally Landlubber Davey Jones gets the final bidding of the night, as he will be pitted to walk the plank a number of times. Bidding starts at $0(for 1 dunk) and works its way up. 2 Dunks, $25. 3dunks $100? Davey can always bid his way out, by beating the lowest donater at event.

                            Also, persons that only wish to take part in event and not donate, can be our scurvy prisoners, who must abide by the arrrrg of the pirate. Pirate blurgs, prisoner listens.
                            Example: Ayyyy scury dawg mighty ast a bit of ale. Arrrrrrr scurvy dawg fetch some hivers as pirate is hungry.

                            Finally, Wall Street might even take notice of this event, and you might reach even the worse of critics in what you are trying to do.


                            Arrrrrrrrrrrr scurvy dawg, yees likens to dat as a parrot, HAR HAR HAR


                            This post intended to reach SEARCH Engines Via Piarte Terms yees a scurvy dawg, yis yees a scurvy dawg.

                            Brethern and Maties, visit me at as I's likens to a scurvy dawg.

                            Be sure to go to google in a week or two and do a search for scurvy dawg, as I would be surprised if scurvy dawg did not show up in any search engine. Yes I said scurvy dawg search in google or scurvy dawg search in any search engine for that matter.