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    Employee collection calls, how do you handle?

    ARIZONAGAL1 Newbie

      Any advice would be appreciated.
      How do you handle employee's collection calls to your office.
      I don't have time to deal with these guys calling all day long.
      My employee is the person with the credit problems and I'm the one that has to deal the calls!!!
      What are our company's rights and what do I need to tell these guys when they call.
        • Re: Employee collection calls, how do you handle?
          Lighthouse24 Ranger
          Check with your state Attorney General's office or website. In most states, a collection agency is allowed to call a place of employment once, but may not call back there again once the employer says that such calls are unwelcome -- and there is usually a way to report abusive practices (so if you get a repeat call, take the time to gather information about the agent and agency that is calling). Good luck.