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    I want to start a Spa

    moniest Wayfarer
      Hi everyone,

      I've always been very interested in the idea of opening a spa. But I really desperately need some advice on what would even be the first steps. This is just an idea in very early stage. i have nothing.....just the desire to learn and start my own spa.

      can anyone talk to me about this?

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          LUCKIEST Guide
          I want to start a Spa, Welcome

          Tell me more. Who are you?? Where are you?? How soon do you plan on
          starting this Spa??

          I am a SCORE Counselor. SCORE is FREE and yes I can help you get started.
          How do I TALK to you?? or get in touch with you??

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            JVCruz Adventurer
            Hi Moniest:

            I have a business plan that I am tweaking for a salon; however, after some research, it is not feasible to start a business at this tiime. Most banks and creditors will be very strict and most will require nearly perfect credit. The state of the economy is very risky right now. Have you considered, instead, of purchasing an existing salon/spa and then upgrading from there? It is a better risk to invest on an established business. This will make it easier to get funding for improvements and building the business. Also, make sure to research who and where your competition is, how will you stand out, and projected financials for at least 12 months (possible up to 3 yrs).

            JV Cruz
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                moniest Wayfarer
                Thanks for your advice jvcruz. the existing business idea is really good, i had not thought about that. I know the economy now is shaky. I am building my idea now for better times, both for myself and the country's economic stand. Never too early to start getting prepare--so i can be ready when the time is right. Projected finacials for 12 months----yes i thought about that too.

                Thanks again
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                  UnicreditFx Wayfarer
                  Many thanks Moniest.
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                    I have just spent some time researching the actions of potential new business owners. You fall into the category of startups and I would recommend to you the same thing I recommended to a few other people. You need funding and to get it you must build business credit or find an investor. I doubt that an investor will be available right now, but building business credit can be done anytime. That is my vote, but good luck in any decisions. If you choose to, begin your search online. Simply type in "strong business credit" via google or yahoo. See what comes up.


                    Good luck


                    Ilya Bodner
                    Small Business Owner
                    Initial Underwriting Group
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                      thesolution Newbie
                      i know the future the spa industry is going. This will put you ahead of all spas as soon as you open.
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                        MoveForward Scout

                        Think about making your Spa unique! A Spa that jumps out and will stand alone from the others. No other Spa quiet like it.

                        Perhaps a Mom and Me Spa Room. Teens and Youth will be your future customers.
                        Pamper Me Birthday Parties also.

                        There is a place in Nashville that is booming, they even have the greatest commericals. It is a SPA Denist Office! website (Dental Bliss in Nashville, see site for information). This stands alone and is not hurting with the economy.

                        Team up with a denist or think out-of-the-box. I for one would go to a "one stop, head to toe Spa" including
                        hair salon.

                        Best to you
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                          Blabber Wayfarer
                          Key word used was learn. You can start at a local spa and get experience. If you have experience already see if you can share a location like mentioned the dentist, or maybe with a salon. Go to SCORE or your local SBA Office. I have those links on my site. with several other links to help a small biz. Maybe go to a big office building and work out something with rent (sure you can find a deal) you would be in a great location, all the business people need time to relax. Spa sounds relaxing.

                          Best wishes,
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                            Hymesdesign Adventurer
                            Did you ever get your spa idea under way? I'd like to hear a little about it, how it went etc, if you did, also I've noticed several brochures here lately for local may just be a lubbock texas thing but you might want to think about having a brochure designed, well that's if you are up and running. Let me know, I can help with a brochure too if you really did happen to decide you needed one.