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    Start Up Funds Needed

    SCHOOLRN07 Newbie

      Childcare and Adult Day Care facility in search of start up funds for business. Business plan available upon request. Can anyone point me in the direction to anyone that help get my foot in the door and help open school?
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Start Up Funds Needed, Welcome

          YES I can help point you in the right direction. tell me more. Who are you?? Where are you??
          This is a start up. Right?? Do you have a NAME for this Day Care facility??
          How about a LOCATION?? When do you plan on starting??

          How much funds are you looking for?? (again where do I mail the check) and
          HOW long do you need the funds for??

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            optelic78 Newbie
            Hi there let me explain my situation from the beginning and hopefully someone can help.My names Ben I've just turned 22 I've recently left the armed forces after completing four years. I've completed two back to back tours of Iraq on the front line.Im now in the middle of setting up my own charity raising funds for injured troops my charity will also be involved in housing lads and helping them financially when they leave the forces. I'm extremely passionate about my charity and there's no way my charity is going to fail i received a call of one of my close friends a few weeks ago to tell me that one of our lads had took his own life. I think society believe if you haven't been physically injured then your okay this really is not the case mental illnesses are just as bad if not worse Anyway I've got a great team in place but i need an investor to lend us the sum of £10 000 to be fully operational this will enable us to become registered as well as buying are charity merchandise and paying all of our solicitor fees.All funds will be paid back no later then 6 weeks of us receiving it.If you feel you know anyone who may be able to help please contact me asap thanks Ben.
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              cdubbs Wayfarer
              Let us take a look at your ideas and find an investor ready to turn you dreams into a reality.

              Send business plan and projections to:


              Call us too:


              Dan and Chris