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    Can anyone find me a little money?

    JackMcG Newbie
      I operate a small business and initial start up costs have taken all the little money I had. My credit card sales are averaging 1700 to 1900 a month. My cash sales are averaging 6500. I am in need of aprroximately 3000.00 to get things running even stronger. I have poor credit due to a few financial difficulties over the last two years. Moving expenses, loss of job etc. I took the small amount of cash I ahd and opened what is turning out to be a successful shop, but I need a little help. I do not need a lot, but can pay it off in about 6 months if someone wants to take the time to speak to me about I am open. I seriously need a little help. Any Angels out there, want to see a family business grow and become successful. I am unique, great location, tremendous market, but low on capital.
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Can anyone find me a little money?? Welcome Jack

          It sounds like you are SO CLOSE to making it BIG. With your great location and all the industry and building going on around your restaurant. It sounds like a win - win situation.

          Do you have an Accountant?? How many people do you have on payroll??

          What is the best time to talk to you?? LUCKIEST
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              JackMcG Newbie
              Thank you for replying and for seeing what a Gold Mine I am sitting on. It truly is a win-win situation and as I have said from jump street. I am going to make it, with or without anyone's help. Although I would greatly appreciate any help I could get, as the financial burden of starting took a tremendous impact on me/us.
              There were two major errors in the beginning which put me in the position I am in. First I opened with too many staff. I was expecting the inevitable, that people would love the food, tell thier friends and my client base would be great, but I expected it too soon and overstaffed for my first three weeks. that cost me a lot, especially adding it with the second major mistake; opening for breakfast as well as lunch and dinner. I knew I had the best, but overestimated the breakfast crowd. So I lost 150 dollars a day during my first 5 weeks of operation, never mind the cost of supplies for breakfast. I closed for breakfast on August 31.
              My lunch crowd is incredible and my dinner crowd is now getting close to lunch quantity. My per person ticket sales have doubled due to additions to my menu.
              The location is perfect and with the proposed and coming development, it is only going to get better. I forgot to mention that a road within a half mile of my place has been slated for major industry and that is on the road leading to the area airport which is within 5 miles.
              I now have two part time employees, my wife kicks in when she is not at her other job. I do not have an accountant, it is up to me and my wife with our vast training. She has business office experience and I have been in food service for more years than I should mention here.
              One of my current problems and 95% of the need for money is catering. I am being requested to do catering affairs for area businesses and meetings, but do not have the proper equipment to expand yet. As well as the need to hire additional staff when I do make that step.
              Closing for breakfast has given me the time to do neccessary marketing and that is a double edged sword. It is helping out greatly by increasing the customer base but building the customer base without the proper equipment, particularly for catering I am being held back.
              The easiest time I have to talk right now is between 10am and 11am EST and then 2pm to 4pm EST. Those are the times I am slowest.
              Thank you for your interest.
              Again, this is only a brief summary, it does not cover the full extent of what I have here.
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              apsfunding Newbie
              I just talked to you over the phone and as I mention I believe I can halp you get the money that you need to help you aliviate some of the financial stress in your business right now.

              I have been working in restaurant industry for more than 7 years and I understand that for a samll business owner like you is very important to find new ways on how to increase your booton line profit and your customer traffic as well while holding cost constanly, and at A.P.S. that's exactly what we can help you to do...!

              I have some products and services for restaurant that are going to blow your mind and are going to help you achieve your goals sooner and not only this but also will increase your customer traffic and loyalty to your business.

              please give me a call to talk about your business and how our company can help you grow.


              David Lopez
              (281) 935-4464
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                token88 Newbie
                Jack shoot me an email I have a program that can get you cash between 3 to 7 days. My email address is
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                  DMIGUY Adventurer

                  If you are interested in a ground floor opportunity, that costs nothing to get into, email me at
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                      DMIGUY Adventurer

                      A networking associate told me about a new company release and from the initial sound of it, there seemed to be something legit happening. Shortly after that, I found out it was just another new MLM called Acquired. I have no fondness for MLM's, so I quickly backed off, but unfortunately not before the embarrassment of posting on this thread. My apologies for the lapse in judgment.
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                      lfreeman Newbie
                      I am liquid. I may be able to assist you. Please call me. (904) 707-0226