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    Funding needed

    rgi625 Newbie
      I am looking to buy an existing fine dining restaurant that is located on top of a 101 unit high rise condominium. It is almost 7000 square feet in size. I have thoughts of subdividing it an putting a jazz/night club in and focus on attracting the 35 and over group. also part of the purchase is an 1055 square office space on the first floor, my thoughts are to turn that into a Cigar lounge. What I am looking for is someone interested in assisting with the down payment. Once tranaction is complete down payment returned with interest. open to other options also. I look forward to hearing from you.
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Funding needed, Welcome Rick

          You have a most interesting background. How much funding are you looking for??

          "I have been in Management for about 27 years now and I am now looking
          to step out into running my own fine dining restaurant. I have enjoyed
          the customer service aspects of my jobs and believe it or not found my
          love for the culinary in the Military. An excellent fine dining
          opportunity has recently become available that I am currently looking
          into and doing due diligence on and have started putting an excellent
          management team together, that will have excellent customer service
          standards, attention to detail, the love for the field, as well as
          extensive knowledge in their areas."

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            Fast_Capital Newbie
            Hello, my name is David Lopez with A.P.S. Inc.and I think that we can help you achieve your goal with your idea and proyect.
            At my company we have been helping merchants like you to achieve their goals for the last 5 years. check our website and give me a call, we could be your one stop shop for all your needs including but not limited to: Merchant Credit Card processing, POS systems for restaurants, Line of Credit etc.




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