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    custom printing

    mafeeko Newbie
      Hi Guys! I am so glad that I found this site. I havve had my business now for about two years, Mafeeko Candy Creations. We customize candy table for all ocassions. I have been sending out to get my small candy bags personalized. Now, I have rented a small space at upscale flea market. I want to know what type of machine or printer that I need to personalize bags right on the spot For instance if somone wanted a bag to say 'happy birthday Lisa', how can I do that right there on the spot?


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          Lighthouse24 Ranger
          I understand that you want to print "one of" messages on the spot. Do you want to print these on a bag directly (if so, what type/size of bag -- paper, poly?) or on a label or hang tag that would be attached to the bag? Also, do you only need to print text, or would you also need to print logos, UPC barcodes, etc? Full color, or just black on white? Is there an electrical outlet in your booth, or would this have to be battery powered? I'm not sure I'll know of a solution that meets your needs, but if you can explain what you're looking for in a little more detail, I'll offer any suggestions I can.

          Welcome to the community and best wishes.
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            MetroGal Adventurer
            Personalization of bags is a great idea. For every person that eats candy from your bags and carries it around... they are like walking billboards. Have you considered making "stickers/labels with your company logo" and then just apply it on your existing bags? Given that it's a candy bag - I think it would be very appropriate. Also, I bet it's cheaper to produce sticker logos vs. get your company branded on a bag.
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              cogobuilding Newbie
              There are couple of ways to do what you are looking forward on doing. They depend largely on what type of bags you plan to use. If we are talking about plastic bags you will need one of the non-heated presses for imprinting. On the other hand if we are talking about bags made from some kind of fabric, you would be better off with something such as heated press or embroidery type of press. They do range in quality and with saying that they do range in price as well. Good Luck!