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    Interviewing Job Applicants at Starbucks

    HumanArrow Adventurer

      Has anyone interviewed or been interviewed at a Starbucks. Currently, we do not have an office to hold interviews and are considering a Starbucks to interview job applicants for the Holiday Season.

      I am with Human Arrow, a target marketing company from Chicago. We direct traffic to businesses by creating friendly and professional interactions with pedestrians and motorists. Our associates are stationed at major intersections holding an arrow shaped sign that displays an ad or sales event.

      Let me know what your thoughts are?

      Human Arrow
      Directing Traffic To Your Business!


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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Interviewing Job Applicants at Starbucks

          *Hi Steve, Chicago has some great coffee shops like *Intelligencia and yes Starbucks.

          Grad to hear that you are planning to hire for the holiday season. An interview is an interview and can be conducted in a restaurant, a library, a convention center and even a coffee house to name a few.

          Try to find a quiet corner and not at lunch or busy times.


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            Lighthouse24 Ranger
            I haven't -- can see both pros and cons with holding job interviews at Starbucks. Another thing you might consider (if you haven't already) is contacting your state workforce commission (or whatever the "unemployment office" is called there). In my area, they'd schedule candidates (who are unemployed and seeking work) and even provide the interview room if you were actively hiring. Just a thought . . .
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              Bluesuit Adventurer
              I've been interviewed over lunch at a restaurant, so I think Starbucks or anywhere to grab coffee would be a good idea. Who knows? Maybe over coffee you'll be able to learn more about the potential applicant. Question is - are you going to hold it against them if they order the coffee of the day vs. a double mocha, with vanilla swirl, and sprinkles, but hold the cream type of order? I'm wondering if you can tell a lot about a person from how and what they order. I'm overthinking this probably. At the very least, both of you will be able to enjoy a good cup of joe! I think it's a good idea.
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                MetroGal Adventurer
                I've been interviewed before at a coffee shop so yes I think it's appropriate. If meeting at a more relaxed environment suits your managerial style, I think it's important that your future employees are aware of this - so meeting at Starbucks is good. I also like the prior suggestion though of ensuring that you do not meet during peak time at Starbucks.