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    Professional Indemnity Insurance

    AtlantaKid Wayfarer

      I am an internet marketing consultant with a few months of experience working with all industries. I wanted to join a network of internet business consultants so that I can get referrals, however, I am told I need professional liability insurance, not just a business insurance. Does any one has a professional indemnity insurance or knows who offers such a service?

      thanks much,
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          Lighthouse24 Ranger
          For your profession, this will generally be sold in the U.S. as "Professional Liability" and/or "Errors and Omissions (E&O)" insurance. You can check with any business/commercial insurance agent in your area, or search on one of those terms (plus maybe "internet consultant") to find listed providers and options. Best wishes.
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            LUCKIEST Guide
            Professional Indemnity Insurance

            Anybody in business should have an Accountant, a Lawyer and an Insurance Agent.

            Now is the time to talk to the professional.

            Good luck, LUCKIEST
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              green.ins Newbie

              Just an FYI, if you have your business liability policy with The Hartford, they have a 'technology E&O' form that is available as an addition to your current general liability. It is very cost effective and broad in scope in terms of coverage. Drop me your email and I will forward you a brochure. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call or email. 405/973-1735 or

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                green.ins Newbie

                Here is the verbiage directly from The Hartford's website:


                FailSafe®+ *MEGA Technology Errors or
                Omissions Liability Coverage (Form SS 02 71)*


                +This form provides coverage for damages the insured is
                legally required to pay because of damages or expenses arising out of a glitch -
                negligent act, error or omission in the performance of technology services or
                failure of technology services or products to perform the function or purpose
                intended. "Technology services" is a defined term in the form. See form for
                coverage specifics.+
                +Coverage is provided on a claims made and first
                reported in writing basis. Defense costs are included in the limit of
                liability. Several per glitch limit options are
                +A Retention amount applies to this coverage. Damages
                or expenses under the Retention amount are required to be paid by the insured.
                Covered claim expenses and damages within the Retention do not reduce the limit
                of liability. A minimum, mandatory Retention of $2,500 applies. Several other
                Retention amount options are available+
                I think this may be what you need.


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                    AtlantaKid Wayfarer
                    Thank you so much for everybody's input. I will definitely follow up with the deal at Hartford.
                    Have a great day!
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                        BizCover Newbie
                        Hey mate,

                        I stumbled across this thread by doing a search on professional indemnity insurance. This may be interesting to you, as I work for a company called BizCover ( which allows people to compare between professional indemnity insurance prices, from multiples insurers, online (for many industries).

                        I'm obviously not trying to sell you, as we're in Australia, but the point is: look for online comparison sites before purchasing. I'm hoping they'll have some in your country. Try not to settle for a single quote - make sure you're getting the best price and appropriate coverage. Speak to multiple brokers if necessary, as they're qualified to provide advice.


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                      proInsurance Newbie
                      If you need a hand with the Hartford Ins Co,. Let me know. I am an agent of theirs.