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    where to place your money

    santos514 Adventurer
      With the melting of the financial section everyone is panicing , my suggestion is to keep carm look at where you have your money if you can sleep at nights leave it their the market will get better if you can not sleep then move some of your money to gold or silver NOT All , also if you can afford the risk now is an execellent time to buy share price is down 20%-30% , also now is the time to diversifiy your portfolio one suggestion look to the Caribbean market where the market is more safer at this time we are not as expose as the bigger markets for alterative place contact 1-876-754-2293/1-876-960-6788
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          Lighthouse24 Ranger
          I'm not a financial advisor, but for me, a major factor in all this was when I thought I might need access to the money. The funds I thought I might need within the next 2 to 3 years are now in a more stable option. Again, that's MY tactic, not a recommendation -- but isn't "timing" a factor that others should at least consider?
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              Brew_Master Wayfarer
              I would say the best way to ensure you pay the best price for an investment is dollar cost averaging.

              If you need money in a stable place and have more then the $100,000 FDIC limit, check with your bank about CDARS. CDARS is a CD like most others but your bank takes up to 50million dollars and distributes it across many banks so that the full amount is insured and you recieve one rate set by the bank you set the CDARS up at.
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