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    deducting mileage

    ronfree Newbie
      I have small business servicing auto dealers. To help ease my pain I have a second job with no office and every job (weekends)is at another location. Can I deduct the mileage to this second job even though I don't go from one job to another?
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          Lighthouse24 Ranger
          Are you self-employed and is this your personal vehicle that you are using (i.e., the vehicle isn't on a depreciation schedule, claimed elsewhere as a business deduction, or used for hire)? If so, then yes, you should be able to. See IRS Publication 463.
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            LUCKIEST Guide
            deducting mileage, welcome

            How long have you had this small business?? Do you have an Accountant??

            Go to Members page and Tell us more about yourself and your business

            There are accountants on this web site. Hopefully you will get meaningful answers.

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              Santa Fe CPA Adventurer

              The answer is yes. You may report automobile expenses on an actual expense amount for fuel, service, repairs & maintenance, and if it is a business asset depreication. The alternative is to figure your expense
              at the standard mileage rate published by the IRS (currently 58.5 cents per mile.) You must document the mileage, date, destination, start and stop, etc. You need to record the make, model, and series of the vehicle and the date you obtained it. Also required is the begining and end of the year mileage on the odometer, in addition you need to be able to define the personal and commuting mileage if any.
              You will report all this information on the automobile worksheet for Form 2106 and Schedule C of your 1040 if you are not incorporated or multi-member LLC.