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    Starting Your Own Online Business

    sizumi Newbie
      It is increasingly easy to set up an online business. However, the ease of operating a
      great online storefront can be greatly hindered or helped by the software that you
      choose to set up and maintain your website. One of the outstangding features to consider
      when determining which is the best software for your business is the SEO Friendliness.
      You want your website to be pleasing to search engines so that your site can be found by
      new customers. Make sure that you look for the best ecommerce software that incorporates
      SEO friendly services.
      Bad ecommerce software makes it difficult for users to navigate your site and causes
      headaches on your end when trying to track the orders taken online. On the other hand,
      good ecommerce software will encourage customers to use your simple interface to place
      orders for your products and service. The best ecommerce software will also allow you to
      simplify your tracking and purchase management through features implemented on the administration
      side of the site.


      What you need to realize as you set up your ecommerce website is that it's going to save you
      a lot of time and money if you invest up front in getting great software. You need to carefully
      think through the process, review the features that you require from your software and select a
      vendor based on a rating system that addresses their ability to provide the service you need.
      Doing this will let you create a site which improves the online shopping experience for both
      your customers and yourself.

      Choosing the Best Online Shopping Cart Software
      If you're going to operate a website which sells any type of product or service, you need to
      implement online shopping cart software on your site which allows you to maximize sales on the
      site by making it easy for customers to make purchases. Additionally, it saves time on your
      end because order-taking and tracking are done by the system. Unfortunately, there are a lot
      of choices an not all of the software out there is going to offer a great user-friendly,
      online shopping experience while maintaining the admin functions that you'll benefit from
      the most. Finding the right software will be crucial to making sure that your online storefront

      Give your Customers a variety of payment options
      Offering a variety of payment options is concept your E-Commerce site may be missing. If you
      give the customer more options, it only makes sense that you will get more sales, because what
      if you don't offer the option they prefer? They may break down and go with an option that you
      do offer, but they are just as likely to go to one of your competitors that does offer that
      option. Why take the chance?

      These are only the framework of your website, if you really want to make money from, you have
      to fill it with blood and fresh to make it work. After a few days of hard working ,then you
      can make money at home.

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          blitzlocal Adventurer

          Great article-- did you write this?
          Another thing about working from home is having the discipline to maintain work versus family separation.
          Otherwise, you'll feel that you are neither enjoying your personal time nor getting work done.

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              With the upcome of the internet in the recent years, it's easy to start an online business, but one problem I've always had with working at home is infact seperation from my normal life. For a year, I was an 'out of house coder' for a legal documents processing company based in Washington, DC but also operated in California. One huge problem was the time lag between them and me, and their customers. While I was sleeping, the machinr continued to run 24/7 since they had sources spread out all over the world due to the nature of their system, and the workload was off-balanced due to the majority of our clients being overseas, leaving me with days on end without any work to do. It's too easy to have a schedule conflict as you consider your home to be a place of solace and relaxation, but setting up a secluded, comfortable and focused environment makes all the difference.
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                  EagleEye Adventurer
                  There are tons of options for someone wanting to start an online business and the most important thing about this article is that a person must consider SEO in every aspect of their site set up.

                  I have 6 kids and have been working from home for 3.5 years. There are times that business/personal balance is easier than others. Overall, if one of my kids/husband are truly needful, I am very thankful that I can tend to their needs and get back to my work when able. I think I have learned to create margin when necessary and I am very thankful for the flexibility I have in working from home.

                  There are some people who may not be disciplined enough to sit and work while home. However, my problem is with spending time NOT working as I tend to be a bit of a workaholic. ;) So, if I do get unbalanced, it is more toward working too much rather than avoiding work while I have personal time.
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                intechspecial Ranger

                sizumi -

                This article is a great reference point for anyone starting a business online, more specifically eccommerce.


                Thanks for the information.
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                    Great article, Sizumi!
                    Can you post tips for folks who are not trying to do a shopping cart?
                    How does one effectively compete against the big players who have lots of money?
                    For example, we run a small site to help veterans--,
                    and we don't have a big budget. Even if we did spend a lot,
                    that's less we use to help wounded veterans, so it's a catch-22.