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    Small Capital For Small Buisness

    baraboo Newbie

      First of all let me introduce myself my name is David. A little over a year ago my fiance and myself just sort of fell into the antique buisness. We have been doing almost all transactions online. We have a strong ability in this buisness and have done very well so far. Recently, a property came available that is in one of those areas where vacancy's are years apart. We were lucky enough to come across it and sign the lease. Here are the facts to make this easier.


      It is in Baraboo.Wi which is 5 minutes from Wisconsin Dells, one of americas largest vacation spots. Devil's Lake the largest state park in Wisconsin is also here in Baraboo.


      The population is 11,000 people. However, we have an estimated consumer turnover of over 1.8 million people a year!


      The town has numerous year round events such as, Car shows, Farmers Markets, Flea markets, Concerts, light parades, Winter festivals and the list goes on.


      ALL of the before mentioned events take place on "The Square" wich is 50 feet from our front door!


      The entire city is also based on Historical & Antique feelings of prior times.


      THERE IS ONLY 1 ANTIQUE SHOP IN THE WHOLE TOWN! It is approx. a fith of the size we have.


      We have people ready to lease small spaces within our store. We have been contacted by tourism affiliates, we are going to be featured in the midwest antique newspaper front page!


      We have alot of inventory all ready to go. We have a mag shift website that runs through Ebay of all places right now. you can read the about us page or the blog. We are also listed on Google which seems to be a feat in itself. Search Baraboo antiques or vintage etc. We show up right at the top of the page!


      Here's the problem we have 6 or 7 credit cards a car payment etc. NOT 1 CREDIT CARD EXCEEDS $1,000 But just because they are open lines of credit the score has dropped below 600! We never take on anything we can not handle. There has not been 1 late payment on ANYTHING! But it dosnt matter to the score.


      We are going to open regaurdless on November 1st. However we have taking all of our money and invested thus far into the buisness. We need $5,000 to $7,000. We still need to get a sign made up, order internet phone services, We also need 2 or 3 more cases and would like to do a bit more advertising, plus just a few things to make the place that much more special to the customers. I have estimated we NEED $5,000 but $7,000 would make a nice space cushion. We are on a very tight schedule and need this done asap. If you have any other suggestions please feel free to let us know. Thank you all for your time. Have a great day.


      Regards, David & Elizabith
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          baraboo Newbie
          Anyone care to shed some light for me? I would be willing to pay back $6,000 for a $5,000 loan with in a year.
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            Tony3143 Newbie
            Plan and Simple. If you accept credit cards and have been in business for more than 6 months. I can have the capital you request in your bank account by October 16, 2008. Call 877-700-7947 ext 1232 or 1480. Ask for Tony!
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              PDCNWLLC Newbie

              Check out It's a pretty cool way to get a loan of that size and I imagine you wouldn't have much trouble securing that amount.
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                pbryant70 Newbie

                Please call me asap I have a perfect solution my company can offer. please call me at 864-420-9011


                Phillip Bryant
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                  susan1250 Newbie
                  Hi my name is Susan and I am in the process of starting my own business. I have my a federal tax Id number a company name and 2 employees but have been in business for 4 years. I am a referral and party planning company and am just starting interior decorating severities as a second business and had just about all the money I needed by saving every extra dime I had when tragedy hit my family because of a motor voiceless accident my boyfriend and I were in. We are both OK now but I almost lost my boyfriend of 12 years and fortunately I wasn't hurt as bad as him but bad enough for me to be disabled for a while with my back and neck. We are now on disability from our regular jobs for the time being but the bottom line is that we need $8500. I had to use the money I had to pay bills and rent until our lost wages came in which I am still waiting for mine. I need to advertise, call up vendors to get prices from them such as DJ"s, Caterers and ect. I also have 2 employees that I had to layoff because I couldn't pay them anymore so I was wondering if you could help me out I will be honest and up front with you my credit scores are really risky but when I am dealing with others people money I do what I can to make sure they are paid and all I would need is about $10,000.00 to start back up because I still owe my 2 employees who have been very patient with me and I can pay you back within a years time monthly or however you want to work it. Please help I just want to be independent and succeed in life I am 43 and losing time I want to leave my kids something. My employees are willing to run everything for me and I told them that what ever work they do they split because I can't do anything right now but they are trust worthy people who I know would make my company money since one of my employees is my 18 year old daughter and the other my daughter in-law whom are both very talented in both area's of my companies. Like I said above please take a chance on us I want to change my luck around and for the info about the accident I could send you any kind of proof you would need. Thank you in advance for taking the time out to read my little book and answer me back either way.
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                    motherfunder Newbie
                    If you have not found funding, contact me at