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    How To start a Online Business

    clifford Newbie
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          Emilyecho Wayfarer
          There is no magic bullet to making money online. If you are interested in starting a business of your own, below are a few legitimate ways of making money:

          1. Get paid to read emails/surf the web - paid to surf the internet programs are convenient because ads appear as you are browsing the net. The only problem is that ads eat up screen space so it is not recommended unless you have a nice, large screen. Two sites recommended are and Both have been around for a while and have a good track record.

          2. Get paid to take surveys - Be careflul with these because you can make guarenteed money, but you do need to watch yourself. Some survey sites only give you points and the point system is not that great when applied to rewards or they may enter you enter a drawing where you can win a prize and everyone else receives nothing. The trick is to make the most out of online surveys is to do the free and cheap trial offers and then cancel them in the end. Try and

          3. Get paid to write - You will either get paid a flat rate based on the viewing audience generated or you can write blogs and full-length articles. Recommended are and

          4. Get paid to be social - There are a number of ways you can get paid by finding helping people jobs, sharing contact information, as well as sharing photos, videos, and normal social activity. Recommended are and

          5. Referring People - probably the best way of making money online. This is where you make money by referring people to sites like or By joining these sites, you obtain a referral code that you use to bring people to participate within these sites. Once they join, you are paid. If you put your mind to it, how many people could you invite in an hour or two? There is a drawback. The drawbacks are that there is not much of it available and the income is not sustainable. Once you have told all of your friends, then you will have to go and meet new people and invite them. But, of course everyone gets in on the action. The money is good while you can get it.

          Try some of these methods of making money. Really, it isn't that hard to find ways to make money online. You just have to look around.

          If you are interested in starting an online business in, don't expect success to happen overnight. Success in an online business does require work and you have to really want an online business because it won't be easy. Rewards in an onlilne business only come to those who are a good work ethic meaning those who are persistent and consistent.
          • Home based internet business
            Rossboden Newbie
            Affiliate marketing is very useful when we are dealing with <a href="">home based internet business</a>. It will help us to earn more money at the same time it is convenient to start a business.
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                affiliatesun Wayfarer
                Affiliate marketing is the easiest and simplest way to make an income online. Just sign up for their program, and advertise through Google Adwords and on forums, classifieds, etc. It takes a few days to get started, but once you get all the PPC set up, you won't have to work more than an hour a day. Be sure to have money set aside for advertising. Thats where many people run into trouble.