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    Once in a lifetime opportunity!!

    filmmaker Newbie

      Have you ever wanted to see your name in the credits of a motion picture and say you were actually part of a film in your life? I'm a professional filmmaker/special make-up fx artist. Right now my short horror film, The 9th Circle, is playing in all kinds of festivals including Pittsburgh's Terror Film Festival. It is gaining a lot of exposure and causing a big impact on the internet. Fans and critics are calling it the best short horror film ever. Right now i'm trying to raise money to turn it into a full length film. I can do this for a VERY small amount that wouldn't even put a dent in your pocket and at the same time create a film that can return a large profit. I already have an investor and all i need is a little more to complete the film. Horror films have a built in market and have a great chance of making money especially over every other genre. Contact me if you wish to hear more.