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    A different way to advertise Tell me what you think?

    JessesGenie Wayfarer
      I have something that everyone on this thread can use I have posted a
      few times on this forum but their is something new to my business the
      product that we give out for FREE is now brandable which means anybody
      that joins will have an unlimited amount of our Genie's to give out for
      free lets get into what the Genie is its a shopping tool for consumers
      to have so that it can help them save money how would any of you like
      to be able to give this out to people have an icon directly on the
      widget to take people to your other business site and the best thing of
      all when you give this out you make money from giving it out for FREE.
      I'll put up my site to download my Genie just so you can see what I'm
      talking about I have it linked to my business site just click on the
      text to the right of the widget after download and see how it can
      easily take you to your other business which ever that may be.

      The Genie Download:

      This is the site to tell you how you can give out your own Genies:

      If you have any further questions please contact me:

      Cell: (302) 339-2865