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      Stay away from UBCOA1 and stay away from This is the biggest scam going. After he gets your bank information to "set you up in business with no cash up front" you start getting these charges on your checking account. Everything he tells you is a lie. If you need proof, email me at: and I'll send it to you. Call his company and see if you can get anyone on the phone other than just HIM. He IS the company, CORPORATE. WHAT A JOKE!!!!!!

      Georgia Ballard

      BBB issues Reliability Reports on all businesses, whether or not they are BBB accredited. If a business is a BBB Accredited Business, it is stated in this report
      \\BBB Definition:

      report - A summary of activity reflected in a company's BBB file. Includes basic business background, BBB Accreditation information, and BBB complaint activity over the previous three years. Also reports may include any known government actions, advertising issues or other information that results from activity conducted by the BBB.

      Name:United Business Concepts of America
      Phone:(888) 203-8530
      Fax:(866) 607-9608
      Address:4100 SE Adams Road, Suite C101
      Bartlesville, OK 74003
      Principal:Pete DePalma, Manager
      Customer Contact:Pete DePalma, Manager - (888) 203-8530
      File Open Date:October 2007
      TOB Classification:Work-At-Home Cos.
      BBB Accreditation:This company is not a BBB Accredited business.
      BBB has requested basic information from this company but has not received a response. As a result, BBB may not have current information about the company.

      Customer Experience


      Based on BBB files, this company has an unsatisfactory record
      \\BBB Definition:

      unsatisfactory record - A company has an "unsatisfactory business performance record" with the BBB is based on the experiences reflected in BBB files. This file condition results when the company has failed to resolve or respond to complaints, repeatedly failed to respond or resolve issues in a timely manner, failed to resolve the underlying issues for a pattern
      \\BBB Definition:

      pattern - More than 2 complaints involving the same allegations usually within 12 months that are significant in relation to the company's size and volume of business.

      of complaints, failed to honor their commitment to mediate or arbitrate disputes or honor mediated agreements or arbitrated decisions, failed to substantiate, modify or discontinue false advertising claims
      \\BBB Definition:

      advertising claims - The BBB reviews business advertising, (newspaper, magazine, TV, radio, internet) routinely to ensure that it is truthful and ethical. Claims in advertising are measured against basic advertising principles of the BBB Code of Advertising which was developed to guide advertisers, advertising agencies and advertising media.

      that are challenged by the BBB, or failed to discontinue unauthorized use of the BBB name and logo, a Federally protected trademark.|


      with BBB due to failure to respond to two or more complaints.