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    timing in business is everything

    russellj Newbie
      get involved with a new technology before it hits critical mass. Just like Bill Gates everybody laughed at him when he said he was going to put a pc in everybody home now look what happened. Technology now days is just another word for opportunity.. the rule of entrepreneurs is find out where the masses are going and get there first.... Trust me lol i know its hard now days but the magnitude of this opportunity is massive, stop wasting your time selling selling lotions and potions and products. we market services that people use everyday not to mention it is a recession proof business.. i have a website that has a 15 minute presentation to watch and then we can go from there...this is not a start up company we did 500 million in revenue last year and we will do 1 billion this year get your piece of this trillion dollar me or email me
      serious inquires only Russ 775-343-6524