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    Loan advice from other borrowers only

    sbeauregard Newbie
      I've been lurking on these boards for awhile now and just wanted to get some advice, share do's and don'ts as well as horror stories etc directly from other entrepreneurs and borrowers themselves. I want to start my own business in the near future and I know there are others like me just getting involved so I'd like to network with them a bit. I know that there are a lot of brokers and loan consultants etc on the site and some have offered great advice. However I'm not sure who I can trust as some of them seem more like sharks. So if there are others who can offer suggestions on what to do and not to do as well as who can/can't be trusted I'd love to know. If you fit this description and don't want your posts made public then you can email me directly at or let me know your email address and I'll contact you with a couple of specific questions on the matter you might be able to help me out with.
      please email me directly at
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          Fortis Adventurer
          There is a lot of advice on the government website for starting a business. That would probably be a good start. Looking for negative references isnt really a great mindset to starting a business. There may be \"sharks\" as you say on here but there are way more good people here as well with good advice. Advice remember is free.