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    Posting Tip #5

    Vince Adventurer
      When another user's solution solves your problem, it's nice to let them know you appreciated it and it will also help let other users with the same issue know that it worked.

      The "Correct Answer" feature is to highlight when the original poster felt that they received the most accurate answer to their question. What this does is it tells a new community member what the best answer to the question was and helps them find the right answer quicker.

      The "Helpful Answer" feature is exactly how it sounds. It gave the orignal poster some extra support to their question.
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          caffeinated Scout
          Vince, thanks for the reminder!

          I went back to all my posts and used the Correct and Helpful answer feature. You left something doing this, the Community member you're accrediting is awarded points! The point system is good indicator of which Community members are helpful.

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            BOASBIZ Wayfarer
            Thanks Vince for bringing to the attention and knowledge of this wonderful Forum, your concern on posting. You hit the nail right on the head. However, I would like to suggest that if a 'post'/message is not answered I would earnestly plead and again suggest/recommend that a host/moderator from BOA answers/addresses that very post/question or concern.

            I'm saying this in reference to a post which appeared on this forum a couple of weeks ago specifically posted by this very concerned forum member and writer titled "Leisure,tourism and Hospitality industry".

            Hope some body is listening.

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              Lighthouse24 Ranger

              Vince, based on the way you define "Correct Answer," I wonder why it isn't called "Best Answer." For many of the general questions posted, the "correct" answer for one business/member would not be the right answer for someone else in a different state, industry, financial situation, etc. As you noted, it's more accurately the "best" answer in the opinion of the person asking. "Correct" has a different and sometimes misleading connotation, especially in the context of advice.

              Recognizing "Helpful" responses IS very important. We're human, after all -- it makes me feel good when someone indicates that my contribution was helpful, and it's disappointing to me when it wasn't. (Although my name is in my profile, I don't sign it to my posts -- so it's not like I'm trying to use this site for self-promotion or anything. I'm just trying to connect with other small business owners and offer help as time permits.) Moving a mouse over the "Helpful" button and clicking it might be the easiest way ever invented to tell someone that you respect and appreciate his or her time and assistance. Why some people flatly refuse to do that is a mystery.
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                  DMIGUY Adventurer
                  Lighthouse is correct. Nearly ALL of the other forums use the "BEST" indicator.

                  Some, like LinkedIn, even let you acknowledge "GOOD" responses.

                  I would also note, that many of the other forums are much more proactive in "FLAGGING" a post that is either inappropropriate, off topic, a blatent or overt advertisement or soliciation, or simply inane. We certainly need more flagging on this forum.
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                    JELSELITE Newbie
                    You are an excellent observer, LIGHTHOUSE. IN THIS CASE YOU ARE RIGHT IN YOUR SUGGESTIONS. I hope everybody notice this and as you said it, it could make a great difference in different parts of our country.
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                    Tori Scout

                    This is a great tip. Let other members know how much you appreciate their response. Try it today!


                    • Don't forget to mark posts as 'correct' or 'helpful'
                      caffeinated Scout
                      Hi SBOC,

                      I was browsing the community looking for open questions. Looks like the the majority of members aren't using the "Correct Answer" or "Helpful Answer" function. I recommend using it. It helps filter out posts that have already been addressed. It also awards points to your fellow members, possibly stroking their ego enough to participate more! Try it