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    chamelius Newbie

      Hi good evening to one and all,

      My name is samy and i am the executive director of chamelius singapore. Basically chamelius singapore is a subsidary company of chamelius inc in USA texas. We have been tasked to lead the growth within the asia pacific region.

      Some History
      Chamelius Inc was established in 2002 and manufactures it own trademark brand of polarised sunglasses under the brand name chamelius. The business model we have been using previously have proved immensly successfull, enough to open a head office in singapore.But we now one to go a couple of steps further.We are also currently in the process of

      A) revamping our new website
      B) introducing our new retail X3HF interchnagble lens series, with authenticity holograms.Expect retail price is pegged at 49.95USD
      C) introducing an incentive scheme for all our business partners

      Chamelius Singapore

      1) We are considering preparing a trip personally to india between Feb 2009 and March 2009 next year, to present our product.
      (any suggestions on this would be gladly appreciated)

      2) We are specifically looking for distributors, importers, wholesalers and retailers from the following countries- India, malaysia,thailand, japan, austrailia brazil and middle east countries.

      3) what our brand offers is exclusivity
      a) high chance the brand is not availble in your country
      c) sales will not be affected by fakes because of the authenticity holograms on our retail package
      d) Polarised lens with our own x3 technology
      e) price range that is attractive to the low to mid end income group. customers who are buying our products will feel that they get more than what they pay for
      f) retailers who want to get in small quantities is not a problem. we have a plan for you.
      g) sales kit, POS, and posters will be provide upon request
      i) all suglass are assembled on demand
      j) payment terms can be discussed

      Also please note, to all retailers, you can send me the terms of what your current distributors offer you. So that i can device a plan that will mutually benefit the both of us.


      I can be contacted at
      B) h/p +6591890541

          smartcom Newbie
          thankyou samy,
          this is smartcom
          i had been buying electronics and clothing from dubai to africa, and i wanted to buy sunglasses from china a few months ago.
          i know you have worked on your price carefully, but i would be of the opinion that you might need to work on your cost of production and distribution to be competitive with other brands like gucci, D & G, nike etc.
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              chamelius Newbie
              Hi smartcom thanks for your valuable opinion. As you can see chamelius sunglasses is targeting a very niche market. Thus it would not be appropriate competing in the same league as gucci and dior. Moreover these brands i believe do not target the same market segment nor market variables as us. Being new on the block we have carefully monitored past sales, competitors and have decided on this price. However in the future , we would be embarking on a similar path to what you have mentioned. Basically we would like to remain true to our vision of " making our sunglasses availble to those who need it" not those" who can afford it". With that i really appreciate your comment and hope to remain in touch. I am also available at if you would like to share more opinions. My apologies if i had replied to you a wee bit late:)

                  Dakota Wayfarer
                  Dakota could distribute through US truck stop channels. Might be too high priced American drivers in poor economy. Perhaps Samy has other suggestions for lower price point for truck drivers.
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                      chamelius Newbie

                      Hi Dakota

                      Thanks for your suggestion. I would like to ask a couple of questions based on your reply. When you mentioned dakota could distribute through US truck stop channels, what exactly do you mean. As in... is dakota a company , retailer that can aid us in distributing to target group that you have mentioned or are you interested in that prospect? Hope you could get back to me.

                      Furthermore i forgot to mention that we have actually 3 series slated to release in 2009

                      a) X3 SERIES 2009- S.R.P is fixed at 29.95USD(i gues i forgot to mention this..thanks for reminding me dakota)
                      b) X3HF- R SERIES- S.R.P- 49.95USD
                      C) X3HF-S SERIES- S.R.P- 49.95USD

                      probably option A is the best option for dakota to distribute through US truck stop channels. If you would like a dealership prospectus feel free to email at


                      Also if anybody from the following the asia pacific region would like to enquire feel free to email me as well.

                      P.s Dakota i would like to understand more of your idea of distributing through US truck stop channel. A brief plan will do:) I hope it doesnt take too much of your time:)

                      Executive Director
                      Chamelius Singapore
                  mcdouglas777 Newbie
                  hi sr sam
                  I am interested in buying or commercializing its product in Mexico.
                  please send me a information, costs and minimun of products for sale