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    I'm starting a cleaning business

    clean10 Newbie
      I'm starting a residential/commercial cleaning business in the Atlanta, Ga area. I need some advice on how to go about this. I've done my research on current cleaning business in the area.
      Cleaning is my passion, I love seeing everything clean and smelling fresh. This is a business I see myself doing with joy. I'm 39 and lived in the Atlanta area for 1 year. My question, should I take out a loan or go into partnership with a well know friend?
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          I'm starting a cleaning business, Welcome and good luck.

          *Your question "*should I take out a loan or go into partnership with a well know friend?" Is a very interesting question. Going into a partnership is like getting married. You need a Lawyer, who will prepare a
          partnership agreement.

          Asking us to decide is like asking who should you marry.
          Tell us more info and maybe we can help you decide.

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            LUCKIEST Guide
            I'm starting a cleaning business

            Welcome and good luck
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              jumurphy Newbie
              Congratulations! I also have a cleaning business as well.Call me when you have time to talk.

              Julia Murphy
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                eyeteam Wayfarer
                You should get your questions from the small business consulting professionals that we've used at and also you can go to and click on the "Watch Video" tab. If you have any questions, please call (770) 369-5263

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                  Maddeb Adventurer
                  I just helped a friend 6 months ago to start a cleaning business. First, I asked all my family and friends if they are interested on having their homes or offices cleaned, and asked them to solicit their friends. I got her 8 clients straight away. I committed a week to help her, so that she did not have to work in the cleaning service. I made advertisements for her, and helped her distribute them throughout communities and post fliers in stores that allowed it. The response from the fliers were fantastic. On her light days, she continued to disperse fliers to residences. She had buitl up her business to be full time in less then 6 months. Her average is 3-4 houses per day, 6 days a week. She offers weekly and bi-weekly rates. Most of her customers are bi-weekly. She's making $300+ per day. Not bad at all?

                  However, the success of her business is based on how well she performed her service, working hard, being flexible, and committted to keeping her clients happy. Then referrals happened.

                  I say, go for it. Do what she did. However, I would get bonded and Insurance; this is one thing she not have. Some potential clients, especially in the commercial industry, would not use her services because she lacked it.

                  You could continue to build your business beyond your own llabor, if you are able to find hard working people that will work for you. I have another friend who has a cleaning service business. She has several ladies working for her, and she basically handles the scheduling and driving her employees to the customers and picking them up. This requires very good orginazational skills, and scheduling in order to become a succesful Manager/Owner of a business.
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                    johnnyjoy Wayfarer
                    Hello am glad to hear about you and am ready to assist you
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                      SSutherland Newbie
                      For a small business I would avoid a partnership at all costs unless it becomes unavoidable due to lack of startup capital. Even then you want to discuss every possible scenario with your partner to make sure that you see eye to eye.

                      Rather than starting with a partner you would be better off quickly working towards taking on your first employee. Success, and being able to scale up will come down to a combination of good/efficient cleaning skills, effective marketing and your ability to hire/manage/train staff.

                      For reviews of some of the 'start a cleaning business' guides by experienced operators in this industry visit -