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    I need some help with marketing my food delivery business

    docscott358 Newbie
      I'm a physician and have designed a food plan to help people lose weight. It consists of fresh food, delivered directly to the client. When someone gets on the service they tend to stay on it for a significant period. Most of our clients are busy professioinals who do want to lose weight but really just want to eat healthy. I think our product is great and I'm really proud of what we do, but I need help getting the word out. I've tried a couple of things such as a low-cost internet video ad program that runs on local TV news sites and pay per click on Google but haven't had any success (yet). Any other ideas out there as to how I can make the phone (or website) ring more?
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          Henrykjr Newbie
          Hey Scott,

          I recently started using a food delivery service. Th largest company of its type is called A dinner Affair. I searched high and low for personal chefs that cater more towards nutritionally balanced meals leaning towards the vegetarian side.

          Getting your message out to the market can be done inexpensively once you have your target market in place.

          Obviously a website is where you want to start. Do your research before you pay some guy $600 to build a site that is totally useless. Start by learning about SEO (Search Engine Optimization). will give you about a 60 minute overiew of how you can begin to sturcture your site so people can actually find it we they do a google search. Second, sign up for a google ad words account. With a few hours of work you will kno exactly what keywords are used to find services such as yourself. For example: Your menu on the website might be categorized as Dinner: Italian but how many people really search for that as opposed to "Italian Dinners". The structure of your keywords is really important here. Also in order to filter your customer down you want to use the keywords for the city you are in. Food Delviery in Orlando is much more specific than just "Food Delivery" which can yield traffic from cities thousands of miles away. Lastly, get a good web design, NO FLASH INTROS! And also have a personal nutrition blog written at least weekly.

          Next up: The advertising angle you take is really important. My wife an I don't have time to cook. Food delivery is often times faster, easier and more ECONOMICAL than buying groceries. 15 3 Portion dinners prepacked by a Chef costs me only $190. I use a full color postcard service called EDG Graphics. is the websiite I think. They will print you 5000 full color post cards front and back for $199. 10,000 even cheaper! But use those to go to farmers markets, athletic events, and generally hang out where healthier people reside. Nothing would go down better that giving a coupon to a hockey mom that doesn't have time to cook because she is there watching her kid play the game.

          Hope this helps
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              docscott358 Newbie
              Thanks for the reply. I just heard about the term "SEO" a week or two ago and a guy involved with my website designer wants like $399 a month to do it. At some point it might be worth it but learning to do it myself might be good. I already got myself an Adwords account but it really hasn't helped much yet. I haven't really played around with the keywords yet but will look into that on my next day off. Too late with the flash site...already done and I started a nutrition and weight loss blog. We are also on the same page with the postcard thing. I actually have our printer working on it now, but if it turns out to be too many $$$ I'll contact the one you recommend. Thanks for all of the suggestions and give my site a look and let me know what you think (
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                  Henrykjr Newbie
                  Hey Scott,

                  I just read your response. Funny but I didn't know you were in Palm Beach. The website surely did not come up when I did my searches in Florida although others in Palm Beach did. I would remcommend you save the $399 on the SEO specialist. Do your reading first. There are a ton of so called SEO specialists that brag about first page results, that can also get your website blacklisted from Google or any other search robot.

                  I couple of quick tips that will make a difference this week. #1 the title bar on the website just says Fit Foods RX and nothing else. You need to expand on this. It should say someting like "Fit foods R/X prepared healthy meal Service" It need to say this in the title bar and on the main title inside the website.
                  #2 you have no meta description on the site. Often times it's the same of similar to the title. #3 you have no meta keywords. You'll need about 30 of them that include healthy food, diet plans and so on. Get those put in. #4 You have virtually no content on your home page. Write a 200 word paragraph where you have the sentence "Designed by a Physician". You will need to have keyword content of about 3-5% in that paragraph. So let's say "healthy meal plans"is the keyword. The that needs to be repeated throughout the paragraph. Use google adwords to search for the best keyword and then use them in the paragraph. Also do google searches and see what keywords you competition uses. #5 Include more hyperlinks on the fornt page that link to the content in the pages on your website. Again, use linked keywords to land on pages that are again keyword and content rich.

                  Currently the way you website is constructed the googlebot and all the others are not going to give your site the time of day because there are a done of website fundamentals missing. Basically you are going to have to pay for almost every bit of traffic to your website.

                  In about 3 hours over the weekene you should be able to knock this out and then do another search engine submission so your website gets crawled.

                  Have fun!
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                Lighthouse24 Ranger

                How are your public speaking skills? I think a very effective way to market this would be face-to-face with the busy professionals who make up your prospective buyers. You might consider putting together a short speech or presentation on something like "Coping with Stress" where you offer the basic guidelines (diet, exercise, rest, perspective, coping resources, etc.). Certainly, as a physician, you have the credentials to speak on the subject. Local chapters of professional associations, meeting planners for regional conferences, etc. are always looking for credible (but free) speakers, and are generally willing to let you do some "back of the room" selling in exchange. You get a captive audience and a chance to educate them while presenting a solution to a problem they want to solve -- so it's not a "pushy" style of selling at all. You can offer "tonight only" discounts to close sales, and offer to extend the discount to anyone that a new customer refers during the next week. (On a service like this, the potential for someone to sell a friend or family member on trying it is very high.)

                Hope that helps. Welcome to the community and best wishes.
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                  puzzleman Tracker
                  How about using your contacts within the physician field? I'm sure there are many doctors who see patients that are trying to lose weight or eat healthier and need a little help. See if they can do direct referrals or put cards in their offices. I think this would be a win for them as their goal is to get the patients healthier.

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                    ciordia9 Wayfarer
                    Don't forget your local markets. Many consumers are looking there for healthy choices and you can bring those healthy choices to their doors.

                    Like someone else said public speaking is great. Get involved with your local wellness groups and be a good participant and pitch when you are able.

                    As to your PPC campaigning, always be testing! It's difficult but you need PPC to pay for itself, if its not, it's not working.

                    Lastly write for your local journals. You may not realize it but most all publications are pitched to. You should have some alternative health journals, local "creative loafing" style weekly periodicals. Pitch them a few good stories on eating well and the ease of burden a delivery service helps with.

                    Lastly, hire a professional. If this is sinking too much of your time, and time is money, get some pros to work with you, set out good goals and work towards them.
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                      jamesreal1 Wayfarer

                      I can understand some of the comments in your search for advice. The issue with the internet and websites are that people are not educated in the matter which get trapped into spending and not understanding which these website builders take advantage of. I believe that anyone can go online and take tutorials on web design and search engine optimization and wing it, not to say some have not been somewhat successful but it really takes creative approach and mindset which creates the results a company desires. Nowadays anyone can build a website and claim results without true credibility and creativity to make a fast buck. There are thousands of people that are trying to reach the American Dream by winging it without the true industry experience which in many ways is why there are people that are skepticle about web design because they have been burned. There is no excuse for a business becoming a learning curve for a web master but that business owner is also to blame because they are shopping around to cut costs and cut corners. I am not saying that you need to spend thousands upon thousands for the internet marketing company to take your business to a new level but you generally get what you paid for.

                      I applaud you for the passion in your product which is the first step in making a business work but I want to ask you a few questions.

                      1. Have done your research on the product?
                      2. Have you researched the market for your product?
                      3. Have you studied market trends?
                      4. Have you researched market saturation of your product?
                      5. Have you researched all the different marketing stratagies for your product?
                      6. Have you pin pointed your target demographics for your products?
                      7. Have set a budget in your marketing that will be the building blocks to your success?
                      8. Do you have a business plan?

                      I ask these questions because long ago I was really into health, wellness and fitness but attemped to become successfull without asking these questions and then once I have done my due diligance executed my plan. I know you are a very educated individual and as a physician you believe in the food plan for weight loss which myself at one point being a licensed nutritionist preach myself.

                      Not that I want to promote myself but after much education and ample experience in marketing, internet marketing, search engine optimization, search engine marketing, web development and business development I recommend the fallowing:

                      Assumming that you are going to conduct your business through the internet marketing avenue...

                      1. Invest in a creative web design which is not way too flashy nor way too conservative
                      2. Invest in real view flash video because if you hire a model it is too expensive and not always will attract the right clients. example: Why is Bally Total Fitness, LA Fitness, 24 Hour Fitness and Life Time Fitness struggling to rack in true revenue? It is because they are getting what I call recycled traffice which means people switching from gym to gym and part of that problem is because they are not attracting and advertising for the right people. They need to have a balance in their advertisments. When I see a Bally's commercial I see beautiful people working out but what about regular people that work hard and have a family that take up alot of their time?
                      3. Invest in a company which is creative and the only way to do so is to be intuitive when interviewing them because it is your investment and it needs to be protected.

                      I leave it at that and I wish you the best.

                      James Real
                      Innovative Technologeis
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                        americangirl1 Newbie
                        Hi Scott,

                        Pay per clicks can get REAL expensive, especially if people aren't buying! I have an advertising business, and before that I was a small business owner (photographer) and I completely understand the frustration of letting people know that you exist. I can get an ad set up for you in the zip codes that YOU choose for as little as $50/month ON THE INTERNET! You do NOT need a fancy web site. Those are expensive too. In my business, you can upload photos, coupons, and even videos of your business! Please go to this web site to see what it's all about. We will push your business out there so that you can finally be seen! You really have nothing to lose! Please let me know how I can be of assistance. By the way, your idea IS great!

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                          conceptgroup Newbie
                          HI Scott.

                          Please view our site and services. We have over 175+ years building and growing food brands.



                          Please contact me.


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                            Christy09 Wayfarer
                            Hi Scott,

                            I hope I'm not yet too late, since you mentioned that you already advertised your products on TV and gave little or no result I think you are missing one vital tool in advertising - having an easy to remember toll free number. No question about it-TV advertising remains one of the best ways to get
                            a time-sensitive marketing message in front of prospective customers.Pair it with a vanity toll free number, and you're maximizing the
                            chances of a direct response to your campaign. Try this site for a customized toll free number
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                              conceptgroup Newbie

                              I believe I wrote you offline, but, while the info within the exchage is good, remember that just as you hire an attorney, or a physician for that matter, food marketing professsionals exist to assist folks like yourself with years and years of expertise building brands, inspiring operations and expanding results.


                              Tom Kelley
                              Managing Partner
                              Concept Branding Group



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                                FlAdMan Adventurer
                                See my website,, to see how you can get more business for an affordable price and get the results you desire. You will see the power that it provides.
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                                  genwright Wayfarer

                                  I had a client who is in the food catering business, and he is using article marketing to promote this business.

                                  Here is what he did:

                                  1) Set up a single page on his main domain, and use it as a brochure.
                                  2) Write and distribute articles to the food and beverage category of article directories.
                                  3) Traffic comes from (a) the articles, and (b) the search engines.

                                  Remember to include the location of your business since it's a delivery business. e.g. Weight loss diet in location
                                  He must be doing well, coz he came back to buy more.

                                  Hope article distribution works for you.