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    Equity Investors needed for Independent Feature Film

    need4aking Newbie
      I'm a professional filmmaker who is looking to put together a low-budget independent movie with high marketability, and I am currently seeking equity investors. I have gotten on the map primarily as a screenwriter, and I currently have three scripts in development/preproduction with three separate major producing entities. I'm looking to start a fourth, and see it through on my own from start to finish. Having dealt with Hollywood for the past several years, I've seen how the word "millions" gets thrown around like pocket change. However, there are many movies filmed on a low budget that have proven that a smaller budgeted film can still have a successful outcome... Napoleon Dynamite for example was completed for $400K and made $45 million in domestic profits alone. Sure, that was lightening in a bottle, but I feel and am ready to prove that if one follows the model of such successful films and minimizes risks by appealing to the widest audience possible and maximizing marketability, that any movie done on a similar budget can be successful. As the saying goes, buy low, sell high.

      I have seven years of personal experience, and I have a pool of very talented and experienced people to call on when I am ready to roll. I'm looking to secure $200,000 to finance a script I've written entitled "Need for a King". It's a highly marketable, quirky, heartwarming teen story that takes place in a small town. I have a soft commitment from a reputable sales agency, verbal interest from a handful of people who are willing to contribute goods and services toward the picture, and some funds. This is a real movie with a highly skilled professional team and a real opportunity. So if you're serious and would like to get involved we’d love to have you. We want to begin as soon as possible.

      Please feel free to reply here or you can email me at

      Much thanks.