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    Home based business start up

    darcelsmom Newbie
      I am trying to start a medical billing business from home. I am having a hard time with finding financing for this. Any ideas?
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          Tangirl Wayfarer
          Yes, start a Two Sisters Gourmet Business


          Tupperware Business at
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            TeamExpress Wayfarer
            Contact your governent to enquire about grants and low interest start up loans. Some places have grants and loans for "minority groups" ie. women, under 30 yrs old, etc. - see if you qualify!

            Best of Luck!

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              LUCKIEST Guide
              Home based business start up, Welcome Michele

              Tell me more. How soon do you plan on starting this medical billing business.

              Do you have a business name?? How much financing do you need?? And for How long??

              The first item that a lender will want to read is both a Business and Marketing Plan.

              Do you have one that I can read??, LUCKIEST
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                  darcelsmom Newbie

                  The name I have is First Choice Billing. I hope to be able to start by the end of the year. I am still calculating finacing, but so far, I am up to $5900. I calculate that I should have this paid back over 3 years. I am still waiting on some EDI companies to contact me about the software for the computers.

                  I am working on a business and marketing plan, now. Like I said, I am still gathering information for the plans and hope to have it all within the next 2 weeks. As far as marketing, I plan to target local physicians offices with brochures and mailings. I will also post an ad on craigslist to see what that generates.

                  Any other helpful suggestions?
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                  Mybizfiler Adventurer


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                    uptown73 Newbie

                    Is your house payed for? This is a great oppertunity go to this web site.



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