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    Need more traffic to my site!

    affiliatesun Wayfarer
      I just launched my site today! It is a fast, easy and convenient way to find which online retailers have the best
      deals on sporting goods, sports equipment, outdoor gear, sports tickets, sports
      nutrition, or anything else you are looking for when it comes to sports
      shopping! We have teamed up with the top online sports retailers to bring you a
      convenient way of finding what you are looking for, and to bring you the latest
      products and deals from the top sports shopping sites on the web!

      Some of my affiliates are:
      • Eastbay
      • Lids
      • NFL, NBA, MLB Shops
      • Champssports
      • Fat Head


      I'm very excited, but still have some more affiliates to add to it! It will not be in the search engines till about October and am going to try the free way of advertising:
      • forums
      • blogs
      • bulletins
      • etc...

      I'm trying to get as much traffic as I can with this method before having to pay.
      Also, check out my forum profile for more info!

      Cannot wait to get this site going!

      So finally, my question is, Any ideas on bringing in more traffic?
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Need more traffic to my site!

          Last Month, On Monday August 11, The Wall Street Journal had a article

          "How to Create A Successful Web Site For Nothing"

          It might help you, LUCKIEST
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            BizBurrito Wayfarer
            Hi Affiliatesun,
            Kudos on the site. It sounds like you are doing a great deal of right things. Building organic traffic is a sometimes slow and painful process.

            One thing that is working for me and my site is writing articles and submitting them to article submission sites. The highest ranking article submission sites are:

   (you have to be screened before they accept you)

            What I do is write an article and use it on my weekly ezine (sign up for it at then post it to the different article submission sites. You get a back link from the submission site, and if a webmaster picks it up they have to give you credit and a backlink. The more backlinks you have, the higher your ranking with the SEs. The more people who see your name on the articles, the more click on your site, thus driving traffic as well.

            Hope that helps. Good luck!

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              corporate Newbie
              We just read your ad. Your site looks great. Our company is tentatively schedule to air commercials for our new product and website on television in January 2009. We are currently accepting sponsors and advertisers on our site who want to do exactly what you have been trying to do; build traffic and sell more product. If you are interested, please email our new account executive Maribeth at

              Remember, this will be traffic from television viewers.

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                WeCanDo.BIZ Newbie
                We have partnered recently with SEO guru Nikki Pilkington to give SBOC members a download of the brand new edition of
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                Chris Butler
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                  How is your affiliate program faring? Have you gone to Affiliate Summit?
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                    MOGfise Wayfarer
                    I would go with direct marketing. Placing phone calls to a demographic will deliver great results.

                    We can help. <a href=""></a> or call 1-866-610-6508