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    Boutique merchandise. How to get brand names in your store

    Troikia Wayfarer
      Hello everyone. I am new to this site and would like to say there is wealth of information here and everyone is so humble and helpful. So thank you for that!!

      I would like to know how do some local boutiques manage to carry brand names in their store.
      Do they buy these merchandise, are they on consignment how does this work.

      So basically if i want to open a small retail boutique and want to carry certain designer labels/brand names how do I go about it.

      Any information/advice will be appreciated.

      Thanking You,
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          Lighthouse24 Ranger
          For designer or fashion apparel, most buyers attend local and regional market shows (marts). D&B did a study on these recently and at one of the larger regional marts, nearly three-fourths of the 2,000+ attendees there owned or worked in a retail store with 4 or fewer employees -- i.e. boutique-style shops. Hope that helps. Best wishes.
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              JJBoutique Newbie
              This information is GREAT...I am also trying to put together a boutique specializing in Handbags and accessories. I am looking for name band items too. Thanks for asking and thanks for the answer.


              I love this site, it really helps.
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                  Lighthouse24 Ranger
                  For handbags and accessories (especially leather), major retailers buy direct from the label/manufacturer. Smaller shops don't have the buying power to do that (and the manufacturers don't have the time or personnel to deal with all of them), so there is a second tier of importers and wholesale distributors that you would likely contact for that type of merchandise. is one place (but not the only one) to find listings for those vendors. Shop/buy wisely, keeping a close eye on your margins and competition, as some of these second tier distributor's wholesale prices are not that great on certain products/labels. Also be cautious of counterfeits and of vague or unfavorable delivery terms (a good deal isn't a good deal if the order isn't filled until next season, for instance). Generic accessories are often supplied by a jobber (who provides those same products to every retail outlet in a given sales territory). He/she will probably contact you once you start marketing your store and preparing to open for business. When you go to market to buy other merchandise, you'll hopefully meet owners of shops like yours (yet that don't directly compete with you) -- and you can visit with them to gain insight into the vendors they've dealt with most successfully. Good luck!
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                highend18 Newbie
                i really need help in that area i need to know how do i get contracts with designers im having trouble searching and doing that and that is vital and i need help as soon as passable like

                Hollister, American Eagle, pac sun Abercrombie and Fitch* 10.Deep * 1333 Minna by Goorin* 7 Diamonds * Acrylick * Adeline* Affliction * Amigaz* Aqua VI * Archaic Denim * Artine * Artwork * BC Ethic * Bed Stu * Brixton Ltd. * Cardboard Robot * Christian Audigier * Christys' of London * Cohesive * Crooks & Castles * Diesel* Division E* Ed Hardy* English Laundry * Exact Science * Five Four Clothing * Flud* Free Gold Watch * G-Star* Goorin Bros. * Green Apple Tree * Hannah Stouffer* Howe* Icon Sunglasses* Imaginary Foundation* Intersection* Junkfood* Kallusive * Kid Robot * Kill City * Klovis * Kontorsion* MEK Denim* Monarchy Collection* Motor City Legends* New York Hat Co. * OBEY * Orakel Dynasty * Peter Grimm Headwear * Projek Raw * R.O.A. Gallery * Rebel Spirit * Ringspun * Roar * Rock & Republic * Rock Icon * Rock Revival* RZST * Savage Republic * Scotch & Soda * Shades of Greige * Shutter Shades * Spiewak * Spitfire * Steez * Steve Vintage * Stussy * TANKFARM * tokidoki for MIMOBOT * True Love & False Idols * True Religion Denim * Upper Playground * Urban Reaction Figure * Veece * Velvet Messiah * Villains & Vagabonds* Xtreme Couture*3.1 Phillip Lim,7 for all Mankind Acne Jeans,Anthony Logistics,Band of Outsiders,D&G Dolce & Gabbana, Diesel
                ,Diesel Black Gold,Dior Beauty, Dior Homme ,Dsquared2,Ernte,Fendi,Fresh,Grenson for Rag & Bone, James Perse, Just Cavalli, La Rosa Vintage, LnA, LOVA, Maison Martin , Margiela, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Michael Kors, Modern Amusement, Opening Ceremony, Paul Smith, Rag & Bone, Ray-Ban, Rick Owens, Rock & Republic, Santa Maria Novella, The Art of Shaving, Tom Ford, True Religion, Y-3

                sorry about all of those designers but im trying to give you brief out look on what types and i know that some are im possible to get but i really need help im hoping to open this January 09 if possible
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                  retailconcept Wayfarer
                  Depending on your exact business type, your best bet is to attend one of the big trade shows in NYC. But it is crucial that you do your homework and are prepared to confidently answer any questions about your store before you attend any of these shows so that you can make a great impression and convince vendors to sell to you before you open your doors. What vendors are you interested in? What seasons of merchandise do you need to purchase? How much inventory are you planning on buying? What other lines will you carry? What is the average price-point of the merchandise you will carry in your store? Who is your target market? Knowing the answers to these questions before you attend your first trade show will better help you secure the vendors and merchandise you need to open your store.

                  Best of Luck!

                  Retail Concepts

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                      MadeByMAS Newbie
                      Just like any other business you personally own a big plus is that it is flexible. Depending on the product you sale and the relationship you make with the brands you carry you basically get to choose how you want to go about doing it. If you would like to carry smaller independent brands then consignment can work out good for both parties but if you are looking into bigger more name brands then you will need to work on a wholesale basis.
                      Either you contact the brand or they contact you but either way they will provide you with a look book or line sheet. This is basically what they have avaiable for that season and in most cases each item will have a wholesale price along with it. This price is what you buy it for before you mark it up. A lot of these clothing lines will have a minimum order, it can either be per item or per order. Sometimes you have to order at least x amount of each garment you would like to carry or there will be a certain amount you have to spend per order you place.
                      The best info I can give is meet the people/brands you work with and form relationships with them. They will want to work with you and you can even work out net 30 or even net 60 plans with them.
                      As long as you do your homework, have some capital, and have an understanding of the industry you will have no problem getting brands to sell in your Boutique.

                      Hope that helps some, if you have any other questions feel free to contact me, the apparel industry is what I do and I love it!

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                      takeatote Newbie
                      Hi..In todays economy it might be a good idea to go American made you can purchase American made handbags and totes at Good luck with your boutique.
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                        cvangompel91 Newbie
                        WOW! This seems to be a great site so I am hopeing someone can help me. I am interested in opening my own boutique, and there is one thing I am completly STUCK on. Do you need to get permission from brands before you put their product in your store. I found a bunch of wholesalers that sell lets say True Religion jeans. Can you buy them from the wholesaler and put them in your store without True Religion's permission. If you do need their permission how do retailers such as Playdohs closet go about doing what they do. They sell used brand name clothes, do they have those brands permission. Hope this isnt too confussing.

                        One more thing, if you do get items directly from the manufacturer home much of a deal do you get on a wholesale usually?

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                          Fashion526 Newbie
                          I came across this discussion and learned a lot of helpful information. I am interested in starting an online boutique and I would like to feature lesser known indie labels. For example Sunshine and Shadow, A.P.C., Society for Rational Dress, and Karen Walker. Since these labels are not as well known, how would I go about procuring them for my store. I worked as a fashion merchandiser for 2 years at a major department store, but I don't have a lot of knowledge about starting a boutique. I saw that someone mentioned buying smaller labels on consignment; how exactly does this work?
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                            whitekitten Wayfarer
                            Hi. I own a clothing label which is being sold in Australia and South East Asia and I am planning to penetrate the Western market. The other comments are very right, you would have to attend to trade shows and register as a buyer OR contact agents (sales representatives) of the clothing lines that you are wanting to stock in your store. Most big labels are quite picky with the stores that they put their label in or have official distributors in a particular area. It might be wise to mix up and coming labels as well as reputable brands to have good variety and flexible pricepoints.

                            Hope this helps
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