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    telemarketing campaign

    rookiein.bz_1 Newbie
      I am about to launch an automated telemarketing campaign. My business is Tax preparation and insurance. This is my first attempt to market those services statewide.I am planning to send a prerecorded message and give the prospect the option to be transfered to a live agent. Before I proceed I would like to ask the forum to please share its thoughts on this matter. Thank you.
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          Lighthouse24 Ranger
          As a consumer, I dislike the idea -- but then I've never bought or donated anything as the result of telemarketing call. That said, I have a client who has successfully uded telemarketing for an insurance product exactly as you're planning to do, so it's evidently effective with some consumers. Good luck.
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            caffeinated Scout
            What kind of soliciation laws are there around auto-dialers? How do you factor in the National Do Not Call list?
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              amspcs Ranger
              As a consumer, I strongly dislike them and personally go out of my way NOT to patronize any organization
              that utilizes calls me on an unsolicited basis.

              As a business person, I disapprove and my organization does not utilize telemarketers, although a lot of my competitors do. I DO recognize, though, that it obviously can be a very effective marketing tool if done
              right--otherwise I wouldn't receive 15 of them every evening while we're at the dinner table.;

              Be very careful of legal issues, do not call lists, etc. Play by the rules. Make sure you use telemarkets who know and understand the legal boundaries, otherwise YOU, not them, will pay the consequences in the forms of fines and lost goodwill.