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    Looking for 12 People - No Money Required - $75K Average PT

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      Looking for 12 People - No Money Required - High Income


      OK - I can write 10 0 pages about what I have to offer, but that will be Useless. I saw those types of offers with page after page making empty promises and they fall short on delivery, but they don't hesitate to ask for your money. I will be DIRECT and RIGHT TO THE POINT.


      Background: (you can skip to the second paragraph if you want)

      I Have a REAL BUSINESS in a Very Prominent Location in the Affluent Loudoun County, Virginia. I am a Real Estate Broker for NVRE. I am not here to recruit for the real estate business. As you know many real estate agents have been suffering and struggling to earn their keep, but that is not the case at NVRE, because I was able to target very lucrative real estate niches. One of the most profitable niche was the listing the Bank Owned Properties, a.k.a. REO and Foreclosures. Again, I am not here to recruit for the foreclosure business (that will be a different story).


      In January 2008 we received a listing for a house in Sterling Virginia, nice house; there were tenants there with a dog. They were surprised with the eviction and they didn't know that the Landlord defaulted on the Mortgage, they didn't have a place to go to, and their credit was not great, I took us five months to evict them. In May 2008 they brought me the keys to the house. I decided to check the house next morning. It was about 9 AM, I didn't have breakfast yet, I thought to myself that after I inspect the house I will stop at the Corner Bakery and have some Omelet. WoW, WoW, I mean WoW. I went to the house and as soon as I opened the front door, I was hit by a wave or a blanket of UNBEARABLY BAD ODDER. I close the door at once and left. I couldn't eat the whole day. Forget about my cute plan with Corner Bakery.


      I went back to the office wondering how I will be able to get inside the house!? I had visitors throughout the day, but my mind was on that problem, how I will be able to get in?! I can't give the listing back to the Bank, I have lots of business with them (it wont look good). I needed to solve this problem. I thought about several solutions, but all of them were temporary fix and not very effective. That afternoon around 4PM, a skinny tall guy walks into the office and asked for the Broker. I met with him; he was holding some papers and looked as salesman to me. I didn't give him much attention, Oh Well, this is another guy wants to sell me something, he was talking and was not listening, I hear him, but my mind was not there. I was about to basify him and tell him to just leave the brochure at the front desk and I will review it later, at that moment, he said, do you have any listing that have bad smell? I asked him what? What do you know about my listings? (He didn't know that my mind was busy all day thinking about that listing with the KILLING DOG ODOR. He said, seriously, I don't know anything about your listing, but if you do have one with bad odor or MOLD, I want to give you this machine for 3 days, use it. I will pick it up in your office in 3 days, You pay me nothing and you don't need to buy anything and if you want, just leave it at the front door of your office, I will pick it up and I am gone, you don't need to see me, and I will not ask you any question. I could not refuse the offer, he is present a MAYBE SOLUTION for my daylong problem. I said, OK, as a matter of fact I have a listing with dog odor, and the problem is that I can't walk into the house, he said, no problem if you let me in, I will put it there for you. We went to the house; he put the machine in the house while I was waiting outside. When he came out, I asked him, how you could walk inside? His reply was: The magic little device on my neck, battery operated small version of the machine I just put in there, he claimed that he didn't smell anything!! I didn't believe him at that time, but what, let's see. Next day I stopped by the house, cautiously opened the door, NO SMELL, I sneaked my head a little, Still NO SMELL, one step inside, NO SMELL, two steps inside, NO SMELL, Walk around on the first floor, NO SMELL, went upstairs, NO SMELL, went downstairs, NO SMELL. WoW. I was amazed. I called Steve and told him forget it, don't come to my office, you are not going to take this back - no way.


      Now, the light bulb in my head went on, what an amazing result and in short time. WoW, what is the potential?! That is a money making machine. You don't sell it, you give it away. What a concept. Furthermore, I found that there are about a dozen ways to generate money Passively, don't get me wrong, you have to work, and the potential income is highly correlated with the amount of effort you bring to the table. On average, you can make about $75K per year part time (10 to 20 Hours per week).


      There are tons and tons of work to be done, I can't do it all, and I need help. I can set you up on your own or you can work for me, either way is fine with me. The Potential for your Financial Freedom is around the corner.


      If interested sign in bellow and I will send you a Video and the next step to take. You can be in business in couple of days.


      Or send me a short e-mail to _ jobs@nvre.net_


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