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    An object in motion tends to stay in motion.

    DMIGUY Adventurer

      It really doesn't matter what gets you motivated. Could be a glance in the mirror, a visit with the doctor, or a Tony Robbins tape, what matters is what gets and keeps you activated.


      A friend of mine is starting up a blog/forum/website called IMACTIVATED.COM, mainly for baby boomers and others in that relative state of mind and body, to relate their stories, business and personal, and to seek out one another's help and guidance. Yes, it's a generational thing. Anyone of that generation knows how difficult it can be realizing there's far more behind than ahead. It can be depressing and debilitating. Hopefully, the site might be motivation to get going or keep going both physically and mentally. To become "activated".


      He's working on the site now, and I'd love to give him your suggestions for articles, guests, blogs, forums and such.