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    New website, need your opinion

    atimetosee Newbie

      What's up everyone??


      I have posted here for some time and a lot of you know me by my screen name. This is not it! I have just changed it! I want an honest opinion from people that I respect and that share my same interests!


      I just built a website for my foundation. I did everything myself because I thought, how hard could it be? Well, let's just say, when I was about half way through I was second guessing that decision. I am basically a sales guy not a tech guy.


      I want you to go and have a look. Let me know what you think and where you think it needs improvement. I have had postings here draw 15,000 readers! This also got me to thinking, how generous are the business owners that blog here? We will see! The minimum donation on my site is $5.00. 15,000 readers x $5.00 each, would be $75,000!


      75K would really start us out with a bang! That would save countless children's lives! Let's see what you do? It will be interesting to see who the givers are and who cannot even part with 5 bucks to help save a child's life.


      I am sure a few of you know who I am. Please do not announce it to everyone. I will post this twice in the forums I use most.





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          Lighthouse24 Ranger
          It looks like you're trying to do good things. Two questions struck me immediately:

          1. Is this a charitable foundation or a private foundation? (One is listed in IRS Pub. 78 and solicits donations from the public, the other isn't and doesn't. At first glance, this seems to have characteristics of both, which could be a problem -- for me, at least.)

          2. Did you license for the Byrds "Turn, Turn, Turn" or figure that it falls within fair use? (I've read that the inability to reach a licensing agreement on that song is part of what's kept "The Wonder Years" from being released on DVD. I license quite a lot of music for use in my programs, and am always curious about the agreements other business owners are able to negotiate.)

          Best wishes!
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              atimetosee Newbie

              100% Charitable.


              As for the song, I have not heard back from their representation. I got an email address from their website and asked them about using it but did not hear back. I am not selling it or using it to make a profit so we will see. If they have a problem with it, I am sure I will be the first to know. Thanks for having a look. Pass it along to anyone that you think may be interested. We have a lot to do! So many children need help it is a little overwhelming.