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    Pressure Wash Company in Reno seeks funding/investor 75k

    powerwashbiz Newbie
      Recently I became interested in a pressure wash/powerwash company for sale in Reno NV. The business cleans commercial buildings, storefronts, driveways, heavy equipment and decks. Some example clients are Starbucks, Wells Fargo, Winners Gas Stations, (many gas stations)

      I spent several months researching the business and the indusrty to find out this is a very viable business with many revenue streams. I also found out that the Reno, NV area is a great market for such a business with few competitors.

      The business I was inquiring about had old equipment and was not marketed properly but still did $75,000 with jus the owner/operator. His wife got a job promotion and he had to move.
      I decided not to buy the business but start my own (after consulting with the top industry leaders).

      I am seeking a investor for $75k for equipment purchase and working capitol. 3 year deal.
      Will pay interest and % revenue.
      Prefer private individual, no companies, brokers ect. principals only.

      I am looking to start a solid-business with potential to grow and expand into a good sized company. With the massive growth in the area, we should be able to achieve this goal.

      Thank you

      Nevada PowerWash
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Pressure Wash Company, Welcome

          Tell me more. Who are you?? What is your background?? History??
          How old are you?? Prior work experience?? Married??

          You spent months researching the business and the industry. And now you want me to buy it for you??
          Have you developed a Business and Marketing Plan that I can read?? Again you say that you are looking to start a solid-business with potential to grow that somebody will buy for you.

          Tell me how, LUCKIEST
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              powerwashbiz Newbie
              Thanks for the reply.
              I am 37 yrs. white male, unmarried, no children.
              I was in the marine industry for 10 years and owned a yacht brokerage in San Diego. Due to the economy over the past 18 mos. we decided to close the business, the downturn is similar to RE market. While keeping the business running I lost a considerable amount of money and credit has suffered as well.
              I decided to look into other business avenues and relocate to Reno, Nevada. This is when I came upon the pressure wash business. I like the idea of minimal employess and overhead is fairly low.

              I am not purchasing the mentioned business due to the fact he did not have contracts in place for his commercial accounts.

              Your comment "buy it for you", not sure what you mean. I am putting money into the business and looking for someone who wants a investment in a business to complete the deal. You can look at pressure wash companies on youtube, ebay ect.. also

     is a good company very similar you can look at for the concept of the business.

              This is a start-up company but the business of pressure washing is not new and there many successful comapnies.

              Nevada Pressure Wash
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              Fortis Adventurer

              Good afternoon, hope all is well. It sounds like your situation can be pretty simple. You have two options to get the business going and purchase the equipment to make it happen.

              Send me an email from my profile when you get a moment.
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                GrowthCurve Adventurer
                Can you be more specific as to the use of the $75K?

                I would think you'll start small with one truck and one power washer. You can finance the truck, and you can use a credit card for the power washer.

                What's the money for?

                You should have limited working capital needs as you're not likely to have much in the way of receivables or inventory. People expect to pay for these services when they are complete, and you'll naturally take credit cards.

                So...what's the money for?
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                    powerwashbiz Newbie
                    The funds are used in the following manner:

                    1. Pressurewasher Enclosed Trailer with 2 guns is $22,500. This unit is capable of handling large commercial jobs which will be the majority of our business. This is not your Home Depot equipment. 350 Gal. tank 3500 PSi. @280 degrees @ 6 GPM each.
                    2. Diesel Truck is $15,000
                    3. $5,000 additional equipment, wands, ladders, uniforms, bus. cards ect.
                    4. $33,000 is working capital, marketing for 5 mos.

                    Yes some of the jobs are paid up front, but our larger accounts are billed 30,60 days out.
                    5 mos. of working capital may seem like to much time, but I wont start a business undercapitized, #1 reason for biz. failure.

                    Yes we will take credit cards as well.

                    With the stock market not doing well, and RE also not doing well, I would think a investor would like to invest in people and be apart of changing peoples lives rather than a piece of paper. The risk may be higher, but Im offering a higher return. Higher return always means higher risks, but with the right due diligence and research we have minmized the risks and calculated accordingly.

                    I am not looking for someones last 75k, I am looking for a solid liquid investor looking to diversify their portfolio.

                    Thanks for the inquiry.
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                    RenoBizMan Newbie
                    Yes, it does look like you want someone to buy it for you. I have had a pressure cleaning company for over 12 years in the Reno/Sparks NV area. If you are not buying that company due to the fact that he has no contracts in place I got news for you, NO corporate accont will ever give you a contract and I deal with the largest of them. Pressure cleaning is a convience not a neccesity, Once another company comes in and underbids you, you are done. I started with a truck and a trailor ($8,000) and worked up from there I suggest you do the same before you get $75,000 in debt. There is a lot of work out here for everyone, but everyone wants the big accounts and will under cut you at every turn. You can and will go from making good money to nothing in a blink of an eye. It's the nature of the business. Good Luck