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    How to??

    anozira Newbie

      I would like to know how to find out if a new business idea is a good one and is a need any suggestions??


      I was thinking of doing a poll of some kind but I am not sure where to begin any help and input is greatly appreciated.
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          How to??, Welcome

          To Play *"*How to" we need rules. Rule 1) What kind of business??
          Rule 2) First tell us more about yourself?? and where you are located??
          Go to Members page and share some info.

          Rule 3) What kind of a POLL?? Maybe a business plan would help??
          Rule 4) SCORE would also help. SCORE is FREE both in person and on line.

          More rules to follow, LUCKIEST
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              anozira Newbie
              this would be a Webcam service for Daycare centers / at home daycares and elderly centers. The clients of the centers would be able to log on at anytime and check up on their loved ones.
              I am in Tucson, AZ but I could do this in any place
              At this time I am trying to find out if this would be of interest of Daycares and the parents who use them.
              If it was something that was offered in my area I would be more interested in that Daycare then one who did not offer this..
              So the poll would be kind of like a survey.
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              Instructor Newbie
              You need to do market research; your local chamber of commerce is an excellent resource (demographic break downs ...income, education, etc.)Melissa Data is also an excellent resource for the zip codes/area codes you are can get their spending habits, magazine subcriptions, shopping and liesure time preferences, etc. Knowing if you have enough of your target in your actual market will go a long way towards letting you know if you're considering an appropriate business, and, more importantly, considering opening it in the appropriate market.
              Get an idea what your local/regional market is doing/interested in right now. You also need to determine if you have competitors in the field, and what their advantages might be vs. yours. Then you can determine if it is worth sinking your dollar into. At that time, you can go to SCORE and pull down an excellent business plan template (which if you cannot fund personally, a banker is going to want to see), and even if not, it keeps you on track as you build and grow your company.