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    VocalQlty Newbie

      Hi! Another blogger posted information about Has anyone used this company to lend or to borrow funds? What are your experiences? Any caveats that I should consider before borrowing to consolidate debt ($8700 @ 10% or less)?

      Thanks for your replies.
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Reviews of, Welcome

          Tell us more about yourself, where you are located and why you are borrowing??
          To consolidate personal or business debt??

          You should get some interesting offers on this web site.

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              VocalQlty Newbie

              Hi, Luckiest: Thanks for the your inquiry. I am seeking to consolidate personal debt with the intent of reducing finance charges on two cards: (a store card @ 23% and major card with 7% on purchases, 19% on cash advances). Other cards are financed at 9 and 11%, and can manage them.

              Consolidating would help to minimize money that goes to finance charges.

              I've tried BoA's 0% personal credit card, but was turned down because of a high debt:income ratio (28%) and high revolving balances (78% on TransUnion, 96% on Equifax and Experian).

              I am solvent and have an average credit score (640 - 670). Any advice is helfpul as I am trying to reduce debt so as to increase my business capabilities.

              Many thanks!
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              positive Newbie
              I just checked out after reading your thread. I stopped in my tracks when I saw just to post an ad, they wanted my driver's license number and checking account information. I understand that this might be needed in the transaction once a lender is found but I was very uncomfortable just handing it out right off the bat. I am curious to know if anyone else has used it. I am in need on funds (75k) to purchase an existing business and am new to shopping for a business loan.
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                DMIGUY Adventurer
                I won't bother to comment on their legitimacy, however, there are debt consolidators all over the place that will help you first get a handle on your debt and position, and then help you establish legitimate sources. Go to them first. You might break the ice during your visit by asking them about Prosper.