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    Top Tools For Entrepreneurs

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      I thought that it would be a great enhancement to let the readers know
      of a recent results poll from the on the Top
      tool for Entrepreneurs.

      The results are in! After getting entrepreneurial members feedback on
      what's in their entrepreneur toolbox, here is the list of the top tools
      for entrepreneurs.

      #1: Books / Magazines
      "My books on management principles, project management, to auto
      biographies such as Redstone Sumner's, and Thomas Friedman's last
      edition of "The World is Flat"...granted I need to get the books that
      recently contested his book. And, of course, Rich Dad Poor Dad.
      Reading material: BRW (Business Review Weekly) magazine, How to Win
      Friends and Influence People (Dale Carnegie), A New Earth (Earkhart
      Tolle), Loosing my Virginity (Richard Branson)
      Rich Dad Poor Dad and Who Moved My Cheese? books for personal
      development before I'll picture out and plan something for my business.
      To be very specific, I recommend reading some classic books such as
      Competitive Strategy - By Michael Porter, Blue Ocean Strategy - by Chan
      Kim, Gentleman, A Timeless Fashion - by Roetzel, Market Based
      Management - by Roger Best
      I like Malcolm Gladwell's book "The Tipping Point" because it shows me
      how time and time again very little changes have large consequences (I
      work in marketing, btw, so my answers might be different from others).
      To add to your books: E-myth by Michael Gerber is a MUST, How to Stop
      Worrying & Start Living by Dale Carnegie is just as critical as How
      to Win Friends."

      #2: Websites
      "I really like the Interactive Business Planner. IBP: New User
      Registration It's a really good business plan wizard. Each section is
      broken down into bite-size pieces, has clear explanations and an
      example excerpt from a business plan. It's provided by the Government
      of Canada but I don't think there is any reason it wouldn't be useful
      to anyone else.
      My #1 tool is Young Entrepreneur Forums - An entrepreneurial and small
      business site , if i need help, best friendly people here, if i need
      information I can get it, if I need anything someone is always willing
      to help. its really the only tool any entrepreneur needs ;] (i sound
      like a person writing a testimonial)
      A few tools I like that I think others might find useful:
      • Management Methods | Management Models | Management Theories - I find it useful as a quick reference/refresher tool.
      • free legal forms and business templates - It's a great \\ repository to quickly find free templates for business documents (e.g. \\ b-plans, legal templates, etc.).
      • Online Project Management, Group Collaboration and Document Sharing \\ ~ Huddle - Have found it useful for collaborating on projects.
      • Scan, copy and fax with your camera phone or digital camera - Sort \\ of an odd tool, but can be useful for digitizing information you put on \\ a whiteboard.
      A few sites that are useful for finding news tools:
      • Business Hacks | BNET - Mix of new useful apps and general business tips.
      • Free Small Business Tools & Resources - Mix of free business tools, apps, freebies.
      • Webware : Cool Web apps for everyone - CNET - Profiles new online apps.
      Its an really good business wizard. Every entrepreneur not only new but
      old also needs a tool to set them apart in the field. I too know about
      this IBP tool, It is the best among all the other tools available in
      the market today."

      #3: Pen and Paper
      "Pen, Paper, A imaginative brain, A product you are passionate about.
      The pen is mightier than the sword.
      A blank notebook and colorful pens to note down ideas as they come"

      #4: Business Cards
      "Every Entrepreneur needs tools to set them apart. Those of us who have
      a business card, compete for business and have a need to set themselves
      apart from the rest (which includes every single one of us)must have a
      tool that tells their story; lists their attributes; their
      accomplishments; their special designations; their charity work and
      hobbies; awards and accolades. A paper business card does none of that!
      The Fully Customized Multimedia Business Card and Way To Wealth
      Marketing System does all of that for you and more!
      Business cards!!! (Why am I meeting so many people at networking events that do not bring business cards? Crazy!)"

      #5: Network / Peers
      "My most valuable tool I believe to be my network. Being successful in
      anything is not so much what you know but who you know. Everyone should
      keep an email list of people that they need to look to for certain
      things for example when ever I have a legal question I have a lawyer
      that I have built a relationship with and he is part of my network. I
      have the same thing for a tax guy, mortgage guy, and so on. So you have
      a network of resources and that is key. Then you need a network of test
      customers, have a list of people who might always be interested in
      investing in an idea you have or might even purchase what ever it is
      that your are offering or what ever service you provide. One of the
      best networks I have is a network of veteran business owners and or
      investors, its a group of people that I can email when ever I have a
      question or concern very similar to S.C.O.R.E. (Sales core of retired
      executives) they are great because they lived it and can give you real
      world exp. The most important tool any business man or woman can have
      is without question their network, build it big build it smart make it
      work. NETWORK
      My peers. Surround yourself with a diversity of people, in completely
      inconclusive environments. Share, debate, and exchange ideas.
      Mega-successful entrepreneurs are multi-disciplinary and
      interdisciplinary individuals."

      #6: Mentors
      "My Mentors. All of them have found vast success in their fields, and
      have obtained a wealth of knowledge. Surround yourself with winners,
      and your chances at winning are greater.
      Having a mentor can also make a huge difference to your results.
      Ideally make it someone you can meet with in person a regular basis
      which helps keep you under pressure to achieve. As a second choice try
      email or telephone contact with someone who is already where you want
      to be."

      #7: RSS Readers
      "Its important to stay in the know. Blogs are my personal favorite way
      to keep up to date and a blog reader (like google reader) keeps all the
      blog sites you frequent in one place for easy reading.
      Google Reader for quickly skimming through industry news and events."

      #8: Blogs
      "My blog for presenting myself as a thought leader in my industry.
      Now that you mentioned it, a blog has become an important tool for the entrepreneur. Especially in this age of the internet."

      Other answers that made the list were:
      · Computers

      · Media

      · Internet

      · Energy drinks

      · The phone

      · Microsoft Office

      · Google

      · Espresso machines

      · Virtual assistants

      · Twitter

      · iPhones


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