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    Franchising my Webhosting Business

      I am franchising my website hosting system. Not really a franchise because it is privately labled with your name so you actually build your own business while I run the back end for you.

      With my business growing and more and ore people looking to make a few extra dollars from home I set up to offer the average person with a basic internet IQ the ability to run their own business.

      Basically, I provide everything. You just signup people under your main website which you build on our site builder with our help. You manage your accounts and you make the money over cost.

      The best part about my idea is that you only pay after you get paid, so there is no real investment and unlimited potential. You make about $12 for each customer each month, so 100 customers is $1200 a month or $14,000.00 a year.

      Even if you have a tuperware party you could get 10 customers and that would be $120 a month or $1400.00 a year.

      OK, its not the dream franchise, but how many of those can you start for under 25 bucks?

      If you don't mind working your way up and building a solid recurring income that you can depend on it could be a great opportunity for you.