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    Starting New Businesses ONLINE

      I am looking for people who would like to start new businesses online. I have the technology and resources to run any type of website but lack the diversity to manage niche market websites.

      I would be interested in chatting with anyone that has a great idea for a new web business and has the knowledge to make it a success but lacks the resources to build and launch it. I would handle the site technology, design and hosting. You do the marketing and daily maintenance.

      I have done this in the past with a few people and made serious money, but like all good new ideas they become old at some point and without agressive people steering the ship, they sink like a rock.

      If you are committed and have a truely unique idea or have an old idea but have the expertise to turn a pig into lipstick then I would love to hear about it.

      What I don't want is social networking, or the same old tired youtube clones. There must me somebody with a good idea out there and the ability to run it.
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          money_buz Newbie

          Do you have a contact number I can reach you at?

          Blake Moody
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            yourhelphands Wayfarer
            That's me! I just posted
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              CARPAYDIEM Wayfarer
              Hi, thank you for posting this I and my partner feel as if we have what your looking for however the tech part is lacking we both have web knowledge just the application part needs the help we would like to speak to you direct on the idea due to the openness ok this forum trust me this idea is nothing like youtube or even networking websites our idea would speak to a large group of people with a need I hate to sound like a info commercial but I am very passionate about this please email me at or call me direct at 803-448-7333 trust me I think with your help we could do great things.

              Arnett C Banks
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                golfheaven Adventurer
                Hello: Bob I have a concept that needs guidance. Please look at I would like to develope what I am calling I.P.TV. I have most technology available I need streaming help.
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                  Web2.0_Co Newbie
                  Hello Bob,

                  Interesting! We were actively looking for funding to get our system developed and marketed, and/or looking for a development partner to make this happen.

                  Our lean, agile, and profitable web business model will target the health and fitness industry. Its really all I can say without an MNDA :)

                  We have the plan, marketing strategy and plan, market research to back up this industry and growth, financials, and technical requirements to build our system but just missing the technical gurus and resources to make this happen.

                  My partner and I have a solid management background
                  but we shine is in our aggressive marketing strategy and approach that will make this pig fly

                  Let me know if it sparks your interest and I can
                  provide a business overview presentation
                  and do a conference call as well.


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                      BumbleBee Wayfarer
                      Hi Web 2.0 and all. Had some interesting emails from people looking to partner with me.

                      I put up a website to further explain what my resources are and what I am looking for. I am looking for one project right now that I can attack. I would be happy to chat with both of the people that posted here but as you read my website you will see I am a tough sell.

                      Read over my ideas and what I have done and fill in the form I have there to tell me what your idea is. I understand the NDA issues you may have, so tell me what you can without giving up your intelectual property.

                      I am looking forward to getting something substantial started.
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                      onlinebiz Newbie
                      I have several domains with ideas, thought out ruff business plans, that have the potential to make money. I would be interested in speaking with you. I have been looking for a partner that can handle the "tech" stuff.
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                          BumbleBee Wayfarer
                          I am not really interested in ideas. I have loads of ideas that could make money. The point is, they wont without the right people driving them.

                          The longer you are in business for yourself the more you realize just how hard it really is to be successful. It takes a whole lot more than a good idea.

                          I am looking for the people that already know that. I am looking for people with passion and commitment. I have already turned down 100 or more people that had wonderful dreams, but in the world of business, people do not invest in dreams. They invest in solid plans and motivated people.

                          The old theory of "if you build it they will come" just does not work in the real world.
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                              onlinebiz Newbie

                              My response was short and intended to encourage an offline conversation.I am a highly motivated and have a solid plan. I just need a programmer who has the skills to design what I have planned.I used the word idea loosely. I am working on solutions that will help small to medium size business be more productive,save time and money.I was responded to this part of your posting:

                              I would be interested in chatting with anyone that has a great idea for a new web business and has the knowledge to make it a success but lacks the resources to build and launch it. I would handle the site technology, design and hosting. You do the marketing and daily maintenance.

                              I have been self employed for over ten years. I have the experience, knowledge,drive,and the pasion for what I do.
                              I was really confused your response??? You are right "people do not invest in dreams" they look for a return on their investment.
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                            Web2.0_Co Newbie
                            I have read you requirements for a partner and potential project but I have some minor questions for you. Running the data center out of your garage is quite spectacular!

                            1. What programming languages are you guys proficient in? Any Ruby on Rails or AJAX or perhaps any FLEX knowledge? Again programming is the most important aspect of our solution, as it will determine how the system works, interacts, and responds to particular requests.

                            2. When you say we, how many guys/gals are we talking about?

                            3. You speak of enterprise level systems, are you speaking of millions of users - koz that's what I'll need?

                            4. What other resources do you provide?

                            Thank you for you time!
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                              intechspecial Ranger
                              Bob -

                              If you do not mind me asking, who is your parent company?
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                                  BumbleBee Wayfarer
                                  Onlinebiz - I did not mean to shoot you down. But if you run your own business you know that everyone thinks they can and very few actually can. With 99.999% of the people that contact me having nothing substantial behind the idea you have to understand I automatically assume the worst.

                                  Of course I am happy to discuss ideas with anyone. But getting me to sign on as a partner is a bit harder. If I am going to spend hundreds of hours programming I need to know there is potential to make money.

                                  As a web host, we see 8 of every 10 people that sing up, quit within 3 months. When you see that type of commitment day after day it is easy to be very quick to judge people.

                                  That is why I set up to give people a better chance to show me that they are committed. Knowing you are self employed changes the equation because you understand the work involved.

                                  web2.0_co - When you are talking about programming it is completely irelevent. If you know how to program you can do anything with any language.

                                  You can compare it to telephones, it does not matter who makes it, they all get calls from the same numbers. It does not matter if you use cell, satellite, fiber optic or copper wire you hear the same voice out of the speaker.

                                  In our case, the browser is the telephone and all content is delivered as HTML. It does not matter what language you use, the input and output are the same.

                                  As far as users. Yes. I have built sites with millions of registered users and interactive applications feeding more than 2 million pages an hour. Of course I could build for bigger, but I have archived those numbers and am aware of the programming requirements at those levels.

                                  My automotive site has about 100,000 unique visitors a day viewing nearly a million pages a day. Althoght that is quite small in enterprise terms, it is very busy for a website.

                                  We run some servers that retail for just under $100,000.00 each. So you can imagine we plan for big loads and high traffic. We also have our own clustering software so we distribute loads over multiple servers when needed.

                                  If you look at the photo I have of my garage based data center it is better equipped than most big corporations. That is all equipment that has rotated out of service, so you can bet I have filled it at one time. All of our new equipment is in our actual datacenter and not our garage.

                                  The truth is, most of the ideas people have will run on a pretty basic inexpensive server and will never have the traffic they think it will. So I like to start small and grow if the business grows rather than spending big money on a network and a year programming only to hit a wall.

                                  If you talk with me, we can plan for the loads you will have. I have been doing this for over 10 years, so I know what to expect most of the time.
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                                      Web2.0_Co Newbie
                                      Thank you for your response!

                                      Looks like we have a similar mentally towards partnering and looking for people have the same drive and dedication who can get the job done Of course that comes from experience of having owned my S-corp for the last 7 years working in the Web Design / Dev / Consulting for fortune 500+ companies and having gone through some startups - good and bad, makes one quite resilent. :)

                                      We planned some programming requirements as it will provide the basis for
                                      a unique interactive user experience that will differentiate our
                                      solution vs competition as well as embed layers of innovation that is
                                      needed to make this system work as I envisioned i.e. Artificial Intelligence or semantics integrated with an avatar interface where the user can communicate, request, etc. using natural language - of course down the road but that's the kind of innovation that will completely enhance the user's experience and be able to use it for other applications that may fit.

                                      Its good to know that your very technical, can provide hosting/infrastructure and programming.
                                      The clustering / load balancing will be vital for our system as we intend to serve video around the globe.

                                      This becomes interesting.



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                                    FFEMT284 Newbie
                                    I am interested in speaking with you about this business oppurtunity. I had a partner back out of a business we shared and it fell by the waist side.

                                    email me and we can chat more

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                                      intechspecial Ranger

                                      Has anyone heard from BobSmith?

                                      I do not think he has been online since this thread was started.
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                                        rive0108 Wayfarer
                                        what could you offer for my new site? in so far as design, technology and hosting?