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    Its Time For Us To Start Networking

    HumanArrow Adventurer

      The Small Business Online Community is great resource for many of us. In an effort to learn about each others business and begin connecting, we should start with business introductions. Briefly, tell us about your business and what you do. I will go first.

      Name: Human Arrow

      Product or Service: Target Marketing Services

      Coverage Area: Chicago and Milwaukee

      About Us: We direct traffic to your business by creating friendly and professional interactions with pedestrians and motorists. Our associates are stationed at major intersections holding an arrow shaped sign that displays your ad or sales event. Great for Sales Events, Grand Openings, Restaurant Specials and Online Comapnies to want to promote their Websites.

      Website: Human
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          your_web_guy Adventurer

          Great idea! We might also make sure that folks know that they can click on the authors name in any response they might write to get to their profile which usually has a link to their website and other good info. I think too often folks take for granted that everyone knows how to use these forums. Never hurts to have a reminder for those who don't know things that'll help em out, yknow?

          I have added a "Ideal Prospect" bullet point so everyone knows what kind of referrals we are all looking for. We have a fantastic networking group here that insists on that to make folks think about all the people they know and might be able to refer to each other. I also added a slogan bullet point below because sometimes the about us is too long ;)


          Company Name: Your-Web-Guys

          Slogan: We build your website so you can build your business.

          Product or Service: Web Design, Scripting, SEO, & Hosting

          Coverage Area: Dallas / Fort Worth Metroplex

          About Us: We take care of everything a small business needs to do to be online. From the initial design phase to regular maintenance and updates to brainstorming to figure out exactly how their website can help them make money we are absolute partners with our clients. We figure that if you help folks get what they want then they will help you get what you want. We provide three basic levels of sites with additional scripts available on any of them:

          >> Basic five page "online brochure" site
          >> Dynamic content site (controlled by a database with a script back end such as a content management system)
          >> Ecommerce site with unlimited categories, subcategories and products

          Ideal Prospect: Someone who knows they need their business online, but doesnt know much more than that. We can guide them through the process or just flat out do it all for them so they don't have to worry about it.

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            LUCKIEST Guide
            Its Time For Us To Start Networking, Great Ideas Steve. We have spoken in the past and as most of you know I wear two hats.

            Name of the business: Eagle Services,

            Service is QUICK Consulting: With Onsite Support in the New York, New Jersey Region and clients
            across the country. We help manage your Accounting and Bookkeeping tasks easily and accurately, in person, by mail or email. Free Quick services to members of this web site

            *About Us: As entrepreneurs, we maintain a firm grip on market realities and
            finances. We succeed by focusing on the creative process and volunteering of our
            time. Our business skills include Accounting, Advertising and Promotion,
            Bartering Products and Services, Budgeting, Payroll and Trade Shows.*

            *The other hat is SCORE. SCORE is FREE, SCORE "Counselors to America's Small Business" is a nonprofit
            association dedicated to educating entrepreneurs and the formation,
            growth and success of small business nationwide. It is a GREAT organization for me to volunteer my time.*
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              DomainDiva Ranger
              IWrite and I are working together for all manner of marketing and sales.
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                asylum Newbie
                Name: Asylum Clothing

                Product or Service: Clothing and Apparel

                Coverage Area: Bradenton (Tampa Bay area), Florida

                About Us: We design clothing and apparel with a different attitude. A new breed of fashion.