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    Medical Staffing Company

    psourander Newbie
      I am interested in starting a medical staffing company. I know that there is a lot of insurance involved in the medical professions and would like to know exactly what insurance I will need.
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          Lighthouse24 Ranger
          The best way to find out "exactly" what insurance you need (which would include types of policies, amounts, deductibles, etc) would be to make an appointment with a business insurance agent -- because the answer to your question depends on (a) where you are located, (b) whether this will be a brick-and-mortar company, home-based, or web-based, (c) if the company will have employees, and if so, how many, (d) if the company will provide any assertions or guarantees relative to candidate backgrounds and qualifications, (e) if you're the sole owner and this is your sole source of income or a secondary business, (f) if you're borrowing any money or taking on debt, (g) if you live alone or have a family that might be impacted by business events . . . in other words, there are a lot of personal and business variables to consider and discuss. Best wishes.
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            LUCKIEST Guide
            Medical Staffing Company

            Did you NOT just ask this question an hour ago????

            Both Lighthouse and I answered before??