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      ok i will tell you my plan and yes i have a business plan score has seen said good job looks promising
      ok last year june 2007 was denied for a business loan credit score was between 570-585 now at this time i am around 640-660 but the economy is down
      the business i want to do is this
      i want a business dealing with home decor
      basic you see the set up you buy the package no thinking for customers i do that now for another company long hours clients so forth dont bother me i also do dry and silk floral decor gift baskets with this business i wouldnt mind wholesaling across the country my plan includes arts and craft classes for kids and adults with a crafters club with low monthly fee for a group activities
      now my plan is saying i will need a prox. 50-75 k would like more and do plan to expand too 6 other states with approx. 22 stores my mind is boogled dont know if i should keep riding out the economy or take a chance now i quit a teaching job a year ago to work in this field to learn the business part and how to deal with not customers but co workers and so forth

      what smart steps should i take now to achieve my dream goals of being a chain

      thank you